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Every mother knows that being pregnant is not a piece of cake. Morning sickness, swollen feet, constant hunger, and exhaustion can turn a future mother’s life upside down. Add home renovation to the equation, and you can find yourself living in a nightmare. As a husband/boyfriend, what can you do to help?

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During those months when all she wants to do is be in your bed surrounded by, probably, a weird combination of snacks, spending her days in a messy, loud environment doesn’t sound like a good idea. On the other hand, there are some makeovers both of you cannot postpone. And you want to make sure that everything is done by the time your little one comes into this world.

So, how can you both survive home renovation while she is expecting? With some planning and good organization, giving your home a makeover can be seamless. The goal is to minimize stress, right?

Home renovation: Make wise choices

It is understandable that you want to have a spotless home by the time the baby arrives. But some renovations should be done during a certain season. Otherwise, you will find yourself pushed to a breaking point. For instance, if you want to renovate your kitchen, be sure to do it during the warmer months. This way you can prepare food outdoors or simply enjoy some delicious salads.

Even better, you can organize picnics with your family while your kitchen is being torn down. If she is pregnant during winter months, postpone any major renovations. Spending time in a home with no heating can be a health hazard. So wait until conditions are more suitable for the remodel.

In case you are planning to insulate your home, do it during spring or fall. That way your home will be properly insulated in time for the hottest or coldest months. Before any work begins, inform yourself on house insulation types and the duration of the installation process, so you can organize everything on time.

Home Renovation

There is still time

The due date is quickly approaching and you are panicking that you won’t be able to get everything into place by then. Take a deep breath and relax. You do not have to pull the plug on renovations once the baby is here. Living in chaos is much easier with a newborn that sleeps most of the time, than with a curious toddler, so you still have a few months to get things finished.

If you are planning to remodel an entire house, start with the kitchen. This is the messiest job and it will be far easier to manage while your partner is still pregnant. Other things can get done even with your bundle of joy in the crib.

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Home renovation: Have an escape plan

Renovations can turn your everyday routine upside down, and they are even more stressful when she is expecting. This is why it is necessary to plan for some downtime so you both are not overwhelmed. While your home is being renovated, make sure there is still one livable area in it where both of you can escape when things are getting too loud or messy.

When that just won’t do the trick, have a second haven on standby. It can be your parent’s house or your friends’ home. Either way, it should be a place nearby where you can run to when you need a break from all that noise.

Stay safe

Your safety and the health of the baby come first. So if you will be handling some work yourself or staying at home during the whole process, there are a few things to keep your mind on.

First of all, avoid lead-based paint at all costs, and make sure she is not spending a lot of time exposed to paint fumes. Second, steer clear of varnishes and any kind of spraying. If you happen to run into mold, leave the area immediately and call an expert. Mold can have a negative effect on fetal development, so do not spend any time around it.

Speaking of mold, homeowners usually find the demo day most enjoyable. However, because mold and asbestos can be discovered during this process, it is best to stay away when she is pregnant. Even all that dust and debris can harm the baby, so find a place to stay while experts are knocking out walls or ripping out fixtures in your house.

Even if things do not go as planned, do not stress. In a short amount of time, you will be holding your baby, and that is the only thing that really matters.

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