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Back in 1998, the Grand Seiko Caliber 9S, a mechanical watch movement manufactured by Grand Seiko, a subsidiary of Seiko Watch Corporation, made its debut.

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One of the defining features of the Caliber 9S has been its high level of accuracy and stability, achieved through the use of Grand Seiko’s proprietary hairspring, mainspring, and escapement components. These components, along with the movement’s carefully crafted balance wheel and other parts, work together to ensure accurate timekeeping.

It is an automatic winding movement with a power reserve of approximately 72 hours. The movement features a high level of accuracy, with a deviation of +5/-3 seconds per day, and a high level of reliability, with a durability rating of 50 hours.

Grand Seiko Caliber 9S 3 Copy
Grand Seiko Caliber 9S Copy

The original Caliber 9S has been developed into a full series of movements with different functions over the years. It’s become the platform on which Grand Seiko mechanical movements are built. That led to creation of the revolutionary Caliber 9SA5 in 2020.

For the 25th anniversary, two special limited edition Grand Seiko editions are on the market. Both have the same case design and diameter as the first watch that featured the Caliber 9S back in 1998.

Grand Seiko Caliber 9S 2 Copy

Inspired by Mt. Iwate’s sea of clouds

It has always been Grand Seiko’s aspiration to be the best possible practical watch. So, not pretentious. Strong, bold, impressive yet understated, that reflects the exactitude of the movement.

Nature inspires a lot of Grand Seiko’s designs, and these two limited edition creations are no different. One of the watches (SBGH311) has a silver dial with a texture and colour inspired by the silvery-white clouds that envelop Mt. Iwate in Iwate Prefecture at daybreak. That’s where all Grand Seiko watches are manufactured.

The clear sapphire crystal case back has a rich color inspired by the blue sky above the clouds that surround the mountain’s peak. The watch is powered by the Hi-Beat 36000 automatic mechanical Caliber 9S85, with automatic driving system, hand assembled at the Grand Seiko Studio Shizukuishi. High accuracy rate and a power reserve of 55 hours, it comes with a stainless steel case a bracelet (37 mm diameter, 13.3 mm thickness). With a limited edition of 1,200, the watch is available at Grand Seiko Boutiques and select retail worldwide. The watch retails at $8,900 CAD.

Hand-assembled by craftspeople

The second limited edition Grand Seiko timepiece (SBGR325) features a stunning blue dial, inspired by the clear blue skies above the clouds around the mountain range. The sunray finish reflects light from every angle, a stunning azure for the diamond-cut hour and minute hands and indexes.

Just like the silver-colored dial watch, look for the Grand Seiko logo in gold colour commemorating the 9S movement. Like the other watch, there’s a sapphire crystal case back where you’ll see the the titanium oscillating weight in signature Grand Seiko blue color. The watch is powered by Caliber 9S65, automatic driving system, highly accurate as well with a 72-hour power reserve. It also has a limited edition of 1,200 pieces, available at Grand Seiko Boutiques and select retailers worldwide, this April.

Grand Seiko Caliber 9S 8 Copy
Grand Seiko Caliber 9S 7 Copy

The SBGR325 also has a stainless steel case and bracelet, 37.0 mm diameter, 13.3 mm thickness, with dual-curved sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating (same with the SBGH311).

Retail price is $7,200 CAD.

Images: Grand Seiko

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