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Alright, it’s Monday morning, the Super Bowl is over, meaning we’re heading into that marathon stretch of winter before we hit early golf season. It’s going to be a haul, but we have faith you will make it through. Many people find Mondays a chore – ever heard of “Monday blues”?

That usually has more to do with having a weekend of no work (for example, the Super Bowl) then being faced with the reality of getting back to a structured routine Monday morning. That’s true even if you work from home. Doesn’t matter.

So what are some of the things we can do to get a better run at the week, so there are no mental or physical issues that impact work productivity.


One of the best things you can do to get rid of the Monday blues is to exercise. The sooner you get moving on a Monday morning, the sooner you’ll feel better. This is because exercise releases serotonin (otherwise known as the happy hormone) into the bloodstream. This boosts your mood and helps you feel more positive. Even better, the effects of the serotonin will last for many hours after you finish your exercise routine. That will benefit your work productivity.

Studies have also shown that if you exercise on a Monday morning, you’re more likely to exercise on other days of the week as well. Since regular exercise – ideally at least ten minutes every day – is good for your health, this is definitely an added benefit you can’t overlook.

The Super Bowl is over – And remember it’s Valentine’s Day this week

This Monday is a little different, since we’re heading into Valentine’s Day tomorrow. That’s when we show our significant other how much we love them. Planning a quickie romantic getaway, even during a work week, is something she’ll appreciate. A lot fo men suffer from erectile dysfunction. There’s no shame in that. Best to get proactive, though. In that case, what you can do is to see a doctor; they can recommend medications, like getting Viagra 100mg at Chemist Click.

Work out other things that might be troubling you. Perhaps it’s the commute that makes you feel bad. Perhaps it’s your finances. Or perhaps you need to find a consolidation loan to help you budget better. Maybe you’re worried about your relationship; could it be time to have a talk with your partner?

Once you work out the source of your anxiety, you can work towards solving it, and you’ll feel a lot better.

What about finding a better job?

Finally, if your job makes you feel bad about it being Monday and means you are reluctant to start the week at all – perhaps staying up late on a Sunday to make the weekend last longer, only to find that you feel worse on Monday because of that, for example – it could be time to look for another job.

We spend around forty hours a week at work (often it’s more than this) when we work full-time. When you consider that we should be sleeping for around fifty-six hours each week, it’s clear to see that work will take up most of our waking hours. So why suffer through a job that makes you miserable and means you live in fear of the weekend ending? Even though it might feel hard, it’s time to leave your comfort zone and try something new to make your life a happier one and so you stop being down on a Monday.

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