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With a society restricted to smart working and virtual communication due to the pandemic, Italian fashion house Ermenegildo Zegna believes the modern man is in desperate need of a “Reset.”

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We are all experiencing a new reality concerned with new needs. That leads us to previously unseen lifestyles and attitudes,” says Ermenegildo Zegna’s Artistic Director, Alessandro Sartori. “It is precisely at a time like this, when everything is under discussion, that we at Zegna have decided to Re(set).”

Milan Men’s Fashion Week: Zegna re-interpreting style codes

The stay-at-home attire for the upcoming cold winter months has arrived in loose-fitting fashion wear. This gives life to a total “reset,” the keyword of the Zegna 2021 collection. That opened Milan Men’s Fashion Week for the winter 2021 season (online).
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“We have looked at our roots to Re(interpret) our style codes and Re(tailor) the modern man,” says Sartori. “Outdoor and indoor come together. A new way of dressing up takes hold, where comfort and style blend to create a new aesthetic.”
Ermenegildo Zegna XXX Winter 2021 - THE (RE)SET

The Relaxed Look

The promotional video, briefly turning Milan’s business and university district into a temporary catwalk, highlighting both brains and bucks. It represents the soul of the collection which transports the city dweller into various urban settings. Work. Study. Play. Dance. Relax.

“I have a lot of classic shirts and I don’t know what to do with them,” Sartori says. “I realized not to have enough knitwear.” From the awareness that, after the pandemic, “tailoring will not return to the way it used to be.” The need arose to “reinvent something more useful for tomorrow.”

Fluid and soft

And Zegna did it by focusing on elastic type fabric, jogging-style trousers, over-sized jackets with two buttons, all fluid and soft, with bulky seams and mainly monotone colours. White, beige, brown, charcoal black, dark green, grey juxtaposed to the odd bright orange to shield the virgin white.

In addition, the collection has cashmere work jackets knotted like bathrobes. It features bulky sweaters instead of tight-fitting shirts, jersey slippers and comfortable sneakers, leather pullovers to be worn as coats, blazers with shawl collars, a return to the kimono. Suits are as comfortable as pajamas.

The Vanity of Sales

“We finished the year better than we thought, managing to defend the billion euro sales turnover, which was my goal,” the group’s CEO Gildo Zegna told ANSA news. “We are ready for redemption, which will surely arrive in 2022. Our motto for 2021 is that it will not be worse than 2020.

“We will dress Silicon-Valley style and leave with the serenity of having survived, also thanks to our skills as being specialists in high-level textiles, which is a way of protecting Made In Italy.”

Milan Fashion Show Zegna 34
A Milan Menswear Fashion Week collection that does not neglect the baby boomer generation and finishes with the model cast walking down a set of golden steps and finishing up by hitting a cold studio pavement and opening up a copy of The Zegna Daily Newspaper – a reminder of today’s harsh reality.
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