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The way you look can often have an effect on your self-confidence. Take the time to figure out your style and investment on items that enhance your personality, starting with a men’s luxury watch.

If you are looking to upgrade your style, adding a stylish watch to your collection can do just that. The right watch can elevate an outfit and add a new level of sophistication. But how do you find the right watch for you and your style?

Men’s luxury watch: Pick a budget

Whilst it is tempting to go for the flashiest watch, you need to have sorted a budget before you make a purchase. It’s also good to remember that the price tag doesn’t often reflect on the quality. you might find something cheaper that’ll last you for a long time over something expensive and not made properly.

If you are the sort of person that will regularly wear different watches to match an outfit or dress code then buying a few slightly more affordable watches will be better for your bank. However, if you are looking for a classic investment piece you may need to save a bit more before settling on one. Many of the higher-end watches can set you back several hundreds of thousands of pounds. The most expensive watch in the world is valued at $55 million.

If this is a bit out of your price range, you could consider opting for a pre-loved Rolex watch. Although they are second-hand, Rolexes are so valuable that they are looked after well by their previous owners so they will feel like new for you but at a more affordable price. They are a great investment piece for the future.

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Mechanical versus automatic watches

There’s a lot of love and talent that goes into making a watch. A mechanical watch is one that is hand-wound and uses a mainspring to make the watch work. Mechanical watches are viewed as the best type of watch as it showcases the intricacy and precision of the craftsmanship that does into making a timepiece.

There are loads of benefits to owning a mechanical watch. Being hand-wound eliminates the need for a battery so you can just wind it back up when it stops working. Due to the mechanical nature, the hands move a lot smoother when compared to an automatic watch making the watch seamless and quiet. One thing to remember is that you will need to take your watch to a specialist every few years to ensure it doesn’t lose its accuracy.

Automatic watches are similar to mechanical watches, but they do not need to be wound regularly. Instead, they rely on a battery to keep them ticking along. Whilst automatic watches still contain the same level of artistry as mechanical watches, some argue that not having to wind it regularly takes away from the tradition of watches.

Pick the right strap

The type of strap you choose can change the look of the watch and the feel of your whole outfit. If you intend for your watch to be a casual accessory then leather straps are the way forward.

If you are set on a metal strap then think about which type of metal complements your skin tone best. Colour theory is valuable knowledge to have, even when you’re trying to pick jewellery that matches your style. Cooler skin tones work best with platinum, white gold and silver, whereas warmer tones suit yellow gold or even brass.

With the watch market booming right now, take the time to do your research. Don’t forget, you don’t have to purchase a new watch for it to be flashy. Often second hand watches are cheaper and still great in quality.

Top image: Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day Date, Images: Rolex

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