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How much is Tiger Woods worth in the golfing and sports industry? Tiger has amassed not only world recognition for golf but has shown to be an extremely skilled and talented sportsperson.  After 14 months of rest and recuperation following a near-fatal car accident, Tiger Woods was ready to return to the field at the 2022 Masters tournament in Augusta, Georgia. The American professional golfer was just 21 years old when he won his first Masters tournament in 1997.

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It is a testament to what an exceptional athlete he is and also, the start of a thriving career in golf. Tiger Eldrick Woods started showing interest in gold when he was just six months old. His father, Earl Dennison Woods, was also a professional golfer who greatly influenced Tiger’s golfing career as his coach. Tiger became really good at golf and at age two, was seen winning a playful putting competition between himself and comedian Bob Hope while being a guest on the Mike Douglas Show, which aired between the 1960s and 1970s.

From 2003 to 2006, Woods won 20 games, which set him on the map in a large way, before getting into the gold endorsement earnings. Woods had already built an impressive reputation as a leading golfer. He has won many tournaments and seasons, earning him Nike golf endorsements, Tiger Woods Rolex deals, and lots more.

As of 2023, Woods turned 47 years old and was still continuing his high records in pro golfing across the world. He holds five Masters titles, more than 40 European titles, and 81 PGA Tour wins among other awards and recognitions. People and companies are always eager to know what is Tiger Woods worth, even if they’re just following his progress casually.  His skills have gained popularity and prestige as a Tiger Woods brand with companies lining up to partner with him and have him be their brand ambassador.

Let’s not forget all the sponsors like Tiger Woods Rolex watch and other Tiger Woods sponsors in 2022. If you’ve wondered who Tiger Woods is sponsored by today, it includes Monster Energy endorsements, TaylorMade, and many more brands who want to associate with the multi-billionaire sportsman. Woods also had a Gatorade flavor named after him. Gatorade Tiger was a Gatorade Thirst Quencher sports drink that was available in Red Drive (cherry), Cool Fusion (lemon-lime), and Quiet Storm (grape).

What Is Tiger Woods Worth? Career Earnings and Endorsements

It’s said that in 2022, Woods also accrued $68 million in endorsement funds alone. As the pro golfer continues to thrive, he was also accepted into the World Golf Wall of Fame in 2023 after the much-awaited announcement in 2022.

How much is Tiger Woods worth? The prestige that comes with being a professional golfer also attracts branded sponsorships and endorsements. According to Forbes, Woods’s net worth increased to a whopping $1.7 billion in total from all his endorsements up until 2021. That same year, he made an impressive $60 million out of which only $200,000 came through playing golf! So, how much money does Tiger Woods have today? According to Woods’ sponsors 2022 stats, today, Tiger Woods’ net worth is estimated to be $800 million.

How Old Was Tiger Woods When He Turned Pro?

Woods’ career spans more than four decades, and so do some of his brand endorsements. He turned pro at 20. He signed lucrative advertising deals with Nike and Titleist in 1996 when he was starting out. Today, he is associated with not just brands selling golf equipment, but with a watch company, a motorcycle company, and an energy drink company among others. Ahead, we take a look at these deals and what they’re worth.

Tiger Woods

Image: Rolex

Tiger Woods: Nike Golf Sponsorships

Before Jan. 8, Tiger Woods endorsements​ and Nike went way back to 1996 when the young golfer had just turned pro at the age of 20. He was reportedly signed for $40 million which was paid over five consecutive years. His second five-year deal in 2001 was more than double that amount—a total of $100 million in career earnings! In 2016, Tiger Woods Nike endorsements dropped as Nike stopped making golf equipment but Woods continued to endorse the brand’s apparel and shoes.

In 2022 Masters tournament, Woods stirred up a big controversy when he was spotted wearing FootJoy golf shoes instead of his usual Nike pair. While the reason is evident—Woods’ accident last year shattered bones in his right leg which resulted in uncomfortable rods, plates, and screws being inserted—Nike released a statement announcing that they will be working with him to meet his new needs. The company originally launched Tigers golf shoes in 2013 and re-launched the iconic shoe in 2023, featuring the retro take of the original design.

On Jan. 8, it was announced that Woods and Nike were parting ways, the end of a 27-year partnership.

Tiger Woods Taylormade 4

Image: TaylorMade

Upper Deck Collector Cards and Memorabilia

This American sports cards and collectibles company is known for producing golf memorabilia inspired by Tiger Woods since 2001. They sell autographed and signed photos, prints, pin flags, shoes, hats, polos, mats, and more. One of the collector rookie Tiger cards of 2021 is said to have auctioned with bids starting at $500 and continues rising beyond $25,000 in 2023. Experts suggest that the card has the potential to sell beyond $40,000.

Tiger Woods Rolex 3

Image: Rolex

Tiger Woods Rolex Endorsement Deal

Tiger Woods joined Rolex as a brand ambassador in 2011, right after his association ended with Tag Heuer. The first Rolex he endorsed was the 41mm Oyster Perpetual Day-Date II in an 18k white gold case with a fluted bezel. The retail price is $35,000 approximately.

His go-to timepiece, however, is the Rolex Deepsea D-Blue he’s often spotted wearing when on tour. “I need a watch that is very reliable, that’s why for me the Rolex Deepsea is a natural fit. I love the way it feels. It’s heavy, it’s sturdy, it’s very manly. I like the fact that I’m able to wear my watch in all different types of environments and with all different types of outfits,” Woods told Rolex.

Rolex Deep Sea

Rolex Deepsea

Vantelin Kowa Pain Management Heat Rub

In 2011, Japanese company Vantelin Kowa joined hands with Woods. Considering the numerous injuries the golfer has sustained, this partnership made sense considering that the company creates pharmaceutical products including pain medicine. This deal led the golfer to endorse the products by appearing in television ads aired in Japan.

Hero MotoCorp PGA Championship Sponsor

Tiger Woods isn’t just in demand for sport-related endorsements. In 2014, Indian motorcycle company Hero MotoCorp signed a four-year deal with him worth $36 million. In 2018, the deal was extended for an undisclosed amount (one can only guess!).

Tiger Woods Taylormade 3

Image: TaylorMade

Full Swing Golf Simulation

In 2015, Full Swing scored a partnership with Woods to endorse a range of golf simulators. To date, this is the only golf simulator trusted by Woods. In a press statement, he said, “What led me to Full Swing was [that] it simulated exactly what I was doing on the golf course in the confines of my own house.”

TaylorMade Golf Equipment

When Nike quit manufacturing golf equipment in 2016, it was only a matter of time before TaylorMade stepped in and took over. In 2017, Woods signed an equipment deal that allowed him to utilize all their equipment, right from the drivers to the irons.

In a press statement, Woods said, “Before joining TaylorMade, I tested clubs for quite a while. I hit a lot of drivers. To hit a shot on the heel or off toe, and for the ball to stay in the air and still come out a little hotter was nice to see. At the end of the day, it’s a game of misses. Anytime you have a product that helps you manage your misses; you have a superior product. That’s what Twist Face allows us to do, and that was a big factor in choosing TaylorMade.”

Tiger Woods Bridgestone Deal

In 2016, Woods signed a multi-year contract with Bridgestone balls. His agreement reportedly allows the pro golfer to assist and help in the development of golf balls.

Tiger Woods Taylormade

Image: TaylorMade

Monster Energy Endorsements

Every sportsman needs his energy drink, and Monster Energy quickly capitalized on that opportunity by signing an agreement with Woods in 2016. Pay close attention and you’ll notice his golf kit almost always features a logo of the high-caffeine energy drink.

Tiger Woods Rolex 4

Image: Rolex

Centinel Spine Partnering with Woods

In his career spanning 26 years, Woods has undergone five surgeries on his back—and what better way to spread awareness about spinal diseases than to partner with a spinal device company? The privately-held Centinel Spine partnered with Woods in 2019, right around the time he made his comeback and is still the golfer of all time.

Watch Major Championships Coverage with Discovery Communications, Inc.

This US media giant owns the online streaming service GolfTV and the magazine Golf Digest. In 2019, Discovery secured an exclusive content partnership with Tiger Woods to offer unrivalled golf coverage.

PGA Tour 2K Sports

In 2021, 2K Sports announced their acquisition of HB Studios (the developer of two golf games) and The Golf Club franchise to create a console video game series featuring Tiger Woods. The golfer joined the partnership as a licensing partner and executive director. This will be his first video game appearance since 2013 when he parted ways with EA Sports after a 15-year contract.

Tiger Woods New Saudi-Backed Golf Offer

In recent years, Tiger Woods received a substantial offer from the new Saudi-backed LIV Golf Tour, which has sent ripples through the golfing world. This lucrative proposal, rumored to be one of the largest in golf history, underscores the significant market value and influence Woods holds in the sports industry. Despite the tempting offer, Woods chose to stay with the PGA Tour, showcasing his loyalty and the importance of legacy in his career decisions.

Woods’ decision not to join the Saudi league, despite the massive financial incentive, speaks volumes about his priorities and commitments. It also highlights the evolving landscape of golf sponsorships and the challenges faced by traditional tours amidst emerging competition. This move by Woods not only reaffirms his status as a golf legend but also sets a precedent for how top athletes might navigate lucrative offers that come with complex implications.

Will there be a Tiger Woods car sponsor or a higher Tiger Woods Nike contract in the future? Only time will tell. What’s Tiger Woods worth in 2023? He has a networth estimate of about $ 1 billion. 

Find out more about the luxury lifestyle of celebrities such as Tiger Woods or read about luxury watches by browsing through Regarding Luxury’s latest articles. And if you are inspired by Woods’ accomplishments and want to launch a sports marketing company, launching an llc in georgia is a first step to take.  How much is Tiger Woods worth in 2023? He has a networth estimate of about $1 billion.

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