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Ever see the Northern Lights? If you haven’t, and you are searching for a truly authentic travel experience this winter, look no further than Canada’s Yukon for one of the best seats on the planet.

That’s what the folks at Mount Logan EcoLodge, nestled at the foot of the Mount Logan mountains in the Yukon, are talking about now, how it’s an ideal time to come see the Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis. They are particularly spectacular against those northern Canadian skies, due to the vibrant colours and dynamic patterns they create. Without getting too far into the science of it all, the phenomenon is caused by the interaction between charged particles from the sun and the earth’s magnetic field and atmosphere.

Roxanne Mason, co-owner and general manager of the lodge, says they are seeing a noticeable uptick in bookings from big cities like Toronto and Vancouver, and beyond Canada’s borders, in large part because of these winter experiences that are unique to places like the one they are based in. Mason says they’re offering direct flights into the area now, to help expedite people’s arrivals there. The Yukon is one place where people are heading to experience the “healing power of nature”.

Northern Lights 4

View from Mount Logan EcoLodge; Image by Anne Gaulthier

Northern Lights one of several winter travel experiences at Mount Logan EcoLodge

There are many ideal places to take in the light show in the sky, typically locations within or near the Arctic Circle. Fairbanks, Alaska, the northern part of Iceland, Swedish Lapland, Sweden, Finland, Greenland, Norwegian Lapland, Norway, are other places you can go to.

Mason says they plan travel packages around The Northern Lights, so their guests can enjoy the best in luxury accommodations and dining, and they can then just focus on seeing the night show. Mount Logan EcoLodge is offering a six-day, five-night package where you’ll get to really experience the Yukon winter – including dog sledding and ice fishing, where guests spend their time with hosts and guides. If you want you can view the Northern Lights from the lodge, sitting back with a glass of fine wine.

The package starts at $4,005 CAD per person based on double occupancy, and includes pick up and drop off at the airport or downtown hotel, a visit to surrounding Whitehorse, five dinners and five breakfasts, five picnic lunches, half day of ice fishing, transport to activities, three hours of dog sledding, a six-eight hour Kluane National Park car tour, a half-day of snowshoeing and non-alcoholic refreshments (alcoholic beverages are extra).

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Mount Logan EcoLodge is located in Haines Junction, a town located along the Alaska Highway, about 100 miles due west of Whitehorse, Yukon’s capital city. There you’ll find a range of accommodations – from spacious luxury suites to unique outdoor accommodations (for a true wilderness experience try a few nights in the mongolian-style yurt on site).

Mount Logan is one of Canada’s tallest mountain. The lodge is at the border of Kluane National Park, part of the world’s largest non-polar icefield. There is so much to explore in this part of the world, a lot of it undiscovered, so many little pockets of nature.

Customize your experience

Mount Logan EcoLodge is home to countless outdoor activities, including custom experiences in partnership with Yukon Guided Adventures, for private tours with an expert by your side. Discover hidden lakes fed by melting glaciers, sparkling rivers and canyons and deep forests, with stunning panoramic views. There are countless hiking options for all skill levels.

Nothern Lights 2

In the end, though, during the winter months, the luxury travellers who come to the Yukon are chasing The Northern Lights. People seek out the natural wonder of the celestial light show. There’s nothing that taps more into human curiosity about the mysteries of the universe, a profound connection to our natural world. The Northern Lights hold cultural and folklore significance in many indigenous communities as well – myths, legends and stories around the lights, adding a level of richness to the experience.

Then there’s what the show offers photographers, against a backdrop of frozen lakes, snow-covered landscapes, or the silhouette of trees. Talk to the guide at Mount Logan EcoLodge about the best places to go for the best viewing conditions.

Top image by Vincent Guth/Unsplash

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