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Poker is one of the most well-known gambling games of all time. Walk into any casino and chances are you’d find a poker table full of patrons. A versatile game that can be played anywhere, poker is one of the most popular forms of gambling there is, and for good reason.

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Traditionally, you would see poker games being played on poker tables, or at a coffee table at a friend’s house — live games with physical cards and poker chips. However, the game has since made its mark on a new platform. Digital poker has soared in popularity amongst the rise of other digitised gambling games such as bingo and other casino games as well. In Canada, for example, igaming has become legal, and poker is a big part of that.

Fans of live poker games have taken to their phones and computers to enjoy the game due to the many benefits of online poker, mainly its ease of access. However, did you know that just like the real deal, making money through online poker is possible? Read further down below to find out more about how you can look to make a couple of bucks from a game of online poker! And after you’re done with this article, you can put what you’ve learnt to the test by using a code for this online poker room!

Why play online poker

Before we explore various tips on how you can look to make a profit through online poker games, let’s first convince you why you should be playing poker on digital platforms instead.

Perhaps compared to physical poker games, online poker is a much more accessible option for most people in terms of cost and travel. Poker games were originally played mostly in casinos or poker rooms. That meant you had to travel to these places. Even if you have a group of friends whom you’d play poker with, unless it was at your place, chances are there’d be travelling involved. This may not be a problem for some. But to many, the idea of being able to hop onto a poker app or website at their convenience is a huge factor.

Furthermore, online poker is much more accessible in terms of cost as well. Compared to physical venues, the cost of holding a poker game on a digital network is much lower, translating to lower stake poker games.

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Is online poker legal?

Much like brick-and-mortar poker rooms and casinos, running a gambling establishment on a digital platform requires legal permits as well. Physical casinos and poker rooms are bound by legal regulations, and so are digital poker games.

In the United Kingdom, online gambling establishments, such as online poker websites or applications, are perfectly legal so long as they have been run by publicly listed and regulated developers. However, not all poker sites that you will stumble upon may be legal. It is part of your responsibility to ensure that any form of gambling, be it poker or any other game, that you partake in online is legal and has been approved by the respective government bodies.

Can you make money through online poker?

To get straight to the point, yes, you can indeed make money through online poker games. However, just like in physical poker games, making a profit requires some skill and lady luck on your side. That being said, making money through online poker is not a rare occurrence.

In fact, it may not be much of a bold statement to claim that making a profit through an online poker game is much easier than in a physical game.

Has the allure of online poker finally gotten into you? Are you now wondering how you can maximise your winnings from a couple of online poker games? Here are some tips that even professionals of the game used to rack up their profits.

Use percentages instead of numbers

This may seem rather odd, but using percentages instead of numbers when betting in poker games may be the key to taking home bigger earnings. Using percentages gives you a better idea of how much you are betting in comparison to what you have, which allows you to make better decisions as the game progresses.

Many people fail to come out on top in gambling games as they either bet too much or sometimes even too little. Using percentages is a quick and easy way to fix this, although you would have to do some quick maths while you’re at it.

Understand the maths behind poker

Despite what it seems, being good at poker means understanding the maths behind the game. This takes dedication, practice, and time, but would lead to significant improvements in your game.

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If you can’t win, play to not lose

Learning when to be aggressive in how you play to be at the top and when to play passive to minimise losses is the key to taking away more money. Chances are, you’d be playing more than one game, meaning you have to know when to minimise losses when the time comes.

Not every game will go your way, and sometimes, luck runs out. However, what you can still control is how much of your losses you can minimise as the game goes on. This will then allow you to maximise your profits over a number of games. As the saying goes, you win some and you lose some.

Take advantage of bonuses and promotions

Most of the advice stated above is applicable to both online and physical poker games. However, taking advantage of bonuses and promotions is perhaps one of the few tips more catered towards online poker games.

Besides being very accessible, one of the selling points of online poker websites and applications is the bonuses and promotions that they have. One of the most common bonuses in any form of online gambling game, especially poker, is sign-up bonuses. Upon signing up with an online poker site or application, you would probably be entitled to some form of sign-up bonus such as one-for-one deposit rewards and free poker games. Bonuses such as this help to stretch your dollar, allowing you to bring home more profits and minimise losses if you’re unlucky.


Online poker is a great way to earn some cash on the side with a little bit of luck and some skill, as well as have some fun at the same time. However, be sure to gamble safely and responsibly. Despite its advantages, online poker does invite the presence of frauds and scammers. Hence, the best advice to consistently earn money through online poker is perhaps to stay vigilant and prevent yourself from losing money to these scams.

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