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Sports betting has added a rather sizeable “fun” factor to watching sports, especially if you’ve gathered with friends somewhere. Or even just lounging on the couch in your TV room.

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And the more glamorous the sporting event, the more fun the sports betting side of it all becomes. The bigger the platform, the more talented the athletes, the bigger the money lavished on them, at the most prestigious locations. And the higher the stakes. Sports betting is near-universal among professional sports, which is why bookies like Betfred can appeal to almost all sports fans with a single free bet promotion. That’s especially true for the casual bettor, jumping in for the first time.

What are the more popular sports betting events, those that capture an allure that can’t be found at other competitions?

Sports betting: Formula One

There are plenty of sports that involve watching fast cars navigate around a circuit, all in the hopes of finishing first. However, none carry the prestige and allure of Formula 1

The F1 Grand Prix in Monaco is the pinnacle of this luxury, with the world’s rich and famous congregating in one place to see the drivers navigate the twisting roads of the principality. 

Outside of Monaco, Formula 1 still attracts a lot of celebrities, including movie stars, musicians, politicians, and business people. At the British Grand Prix, you can even sometimes spot royalty like Prince William or Prince Harry hanging out on the starting grid.

Formula One 2

Photo by Tim Carey on Unsplash


Polo is a sport that’s played on horseback and involves players hitting a ball with a stick in an attempt to score a goal. It is, in its most basic terms, sort of like football on horseback. 

Polo is often called the “sport of kings” thanks to its connection to royalty, nobility, and wealth. Of course, you don’t need a hereditary title or a trust fund to play it today. But if you are an avid player, chances are you probably have one.



Golf is one of the few sports full of tradition, where people’s focus is on every shot. It’s one of the more popular sports betting events, especially the major tournaments like the Masters or British Open.

But golf is a sport that is more accessible than the others we’ve covered. Yet, while you can just turn up at a driving range or a pitch ‘n’ putt, there are countless exclusive golf clubs that ooze luxury and glamour. At these clubs, you’ll find beautifully landscaped courses, combined with a clubhouse that offers fine dining, relaxing lounges, and other amenities.

To enjoy one of these glamorous facilities, you often need to get an invite from an existing member or, alternatively, stump up a lot of cash.

Photo by Gustavo Campos/Unsplash

Tiger Woods Rolex 4

Tiger Woods/PGA Tour, Image: Rolex

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