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The automobile has reached an interesting time in its journey. It has rapidly progressed from just being a means of transport to a software infused cocoon. The plunge towards electric mobility has thrown the doors wide open for more players to come in and stake a claim in the hotly contested luxury electric vehicle space.

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Currently, the crossover/luxury electric SUV segment is the most lucrative. That’s because consumers take comfort within the familiar confines of an SUV shape while being more ready to embrace electricity. The latest entrant is not completely new since Fisker has dabbled with electric cars before – earlier than just about anyone else. The Fisker Karma was one of the first bespoke luxury EVs which also brought a new style of thinking in terms of interior design and packaging.

However, teething problems ended the lifecycle for this sedan but that hasn’t stopped Fisker in having another go. This time, it’s an SUV the size of a Model Y or maybe with a hint of Mustang Mach-E thrown into it as well.


Fisker Ocean Ev 5
Fisker Ocean Ev

Luxury electric vehicles: Fisker brings a new style of thinking

However, what piqued our interest the most is its slew of sustainable luxury features which does make it stand out from the crowd. Usual leather or traditional materials used in luxury cars of yore are passé. Instead, the Fisker Karma has a fully vegan interior along with being made of recycled materials. Hence, reclaimed fishing nets, old t-shirts, and renewed rubber are used inside. The SUV will also be built at a carbon-neutral factory in Graz, Austria.

In terms of its looks, the design is similar to the standard SUV silhouette while not adhering to the latest trend of crossovers. It’s big, boxy and has an upright stance helped by optional 22-inch wheels. The surfacing is simple but effective. It is festooned with sharp detailing including the slim headlamps and a large two-part grille. There is plenty of old-school SUV DNA with the cladding and the rising shoulder lines.

Fisker Ocean Ev 8
Fisker Ocean Ev 9

Affordable luxury with the Fisker Ocean

What’s different is the execution of the details. Included there is a ‘California’ mode which retracts the roof for an ‘Al fresco’ experience being a SUV convertible of sorts. The interior has its own bag of tricks, like the ‘Hollywood’ mode, where the screen rotates to form a theatre like experience – of course when stationary.

On the move, it becomes a portrait style touchscreen with all the functions of the car bundled into it. Luxuries are provided by a dedicated limo mode for passengers with more control provided to access functions plus a 16-speaker, 500-watt audio system.

Fisker Ocean Ev 12
Fisker Ocean Ev 14

There would be single or dual motor versions with higher trims using a CATL-supplied Hyper Range battery packs with a nickel manganese cobalt cell chemistry. I’ll save the chemistry lesson but expect 350-plus miles range for a full charge. In terms of power, it’s nigh on segment territory at an estimated peak horsepower of 550 hp. Further range is provided by a SolarSky roof on the Fisker Ocean Extreme and Fisker Ocean One – helpful in sunny regions!

Luxury electric vehicles: Who is making the most sizable impression?

Pricing is competitive with base Fisker Ocean Sport trim level being priced at $37,499, (before federal and state tax credits). The Fisker Ocean Ultra comes in at $49,999 while the top-end Fisker Ocean Extreme is $68,999. The first 5,000 vehicles made will be called as the Fisker Ocean One, priced at $68,999.

Fisker Ocean Ev 15
Fisker Ocean Ev 2

You can buy one towards the end of next year and also reserve one right now. In a sea of electric crossovers, the Fisker Ocean at least stands out for its uniqueness and its design. However, it needs to deliver on its promises and match up to the current segment stalwarts in order to make a sizeable impression. Only time will answer that!

What we like

Sustainable luxury along with a right infusion of tech plus a few innovative features. Decent range and well priced as well while also standing out from the crowd in terms of looks.

What we don’t like

Still some time before it hits the market and production/supply/charging network etc. is uncertain for now.


Fisker is back with a more convincing effort and looks to be a well packaged EV which doesn’t rely on speed alone to make an impression.

Fisker Ocean Ev 11
Fisker Ocean Ev 10
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