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With a lot of us preparing meals at home more often these days, it’s all too easy for food prep to become tedious and mundane. That’s where technology can help. An array of handy kitchen gadgets can help you cook better and eat better. It can help you stay on top of everything that’s going on in the kitchen.

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Click and Grow Smart Garden 3

We all know how satisfying it is to grow your own food. For lots of us, however, climate and space considerations can make having a garden difficult or impractical. That’s why Click and Grow is a great idea.

Click and Grow is a small planter box with built in lighting and water. You can grow an astonishing variety of plants, flowers, herbs and vegetables. The Smart Garden 3 planter box holds three special seed pods (fertilizer is already in the pod) and is designed to be self-watering. It holds enough water to properly irrigate the seeds for about a month at a time. There’s special LED grow lights that help the plants grow. A fresh herb crop can be ready in weeks and you can re-plant it any time, transplant the seedlings outside, mix and match pods.

Amazon Echo Show and Google Nest Hub Max

Amazon Echo and Google Home devices are amazing kitchen gadgets. For starters you can ask them to play music while you simmer and stir, since they’re controlled with your voice. But they’re also powerful kitchen partners. You can ask them to do recipe and measurement conversions and set timers so you never need to get raw chicken hands on your speaker. If you choose the versions with screens you can even watch recipe demos.

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Ember Mug

Are you the kind of coffee or tea drinker that needs to let your hot beverage cool to a more drinkable temperature before you enjoy it? In terms of kitchen gadgets, Ember Mug, available in a ceramic version or travel mug, lets you set the perfect drinkable temperature and the mug does the rest. It can keep it warm, or cool it off for you to enjoy en route to the office, or once you arrive. With a companion app that lets you dial in your favourite temp and monitor battery life, this mug is the ultimate smart gadget for hot beverage lovers.

Joule Sous Vide Cooker

If you’re not familiar with cooking sous vide, once you learn more, you may be hooked. Sous Vide cooking uses a precisely controlled hot water bath to cook food to within half a degree. Joule Sous Vide is an ultra-compact version of these machines, which until now had been used only in professional kitchens.

Joule connects to your phone, where you can choose from numerous pre-set recipes for things like ultra tender chicken, soft-cooked ramen eggs, the tenderest salmon or perfectly medium steak. You can also set your own temperatures. Joule means you will never overcook anything again, since it will never let your food go above the pre-set temperature. And it will hold it at that temp once the food is done, even if you forget. Though forgetting might be tough, thanks to smartphone notifications.

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