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Entrepreneurs: Starting a luxury decor or interior design startup on your own can be very rewarding. Not only do you have the chance to make a good profit, but you also get to be your own boss. With that said, finding the right business idea isn’t easy.

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As the world becomes more impacted by automation, decor and interior designers should use technology to increase output. Here are 10 tech-driven businesses that may interest you.

Luxury decor: Luxury manufacturing business

A luxury manufacturing business makes luxury items, such as furniture, decor, and dinnerware, at a mass scale. To get started at a low cost, check out Revelation Machinery and its catalog. They have used machines that can make, process, or package plastics, metals, and wood.

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Artificial flower manufacturer

Artificial flowers are used widely in interior decoration. High-quality artificial flowers are made from velvet, satin, and natural textures and are typically printed using mills. Wood flowers can be 3D printed or carved, but you’ll need a CNC machine and coding experience to do it.

Custom furniture covers/pillows

Custom furniture covers or pillows are the easiest way to transform your home, so homeowners would pay handsomely for something that suits their personality. You can operate this business from home using a computerized or automated sewing machine or a CNC sewing machine.

Wood headboard art or engraving

High-capacity wood painting machines, like sprayers, can be coded to imprint any design you want on a headboard (or other pieces of furniture). A large fiber laser engraver machine (with CO2 lasers) is great for micro-marking, so you’ll be able to engrave more intricate designs.

Luxury decor: Home office planner or decorator

Interior design software can generate custom plans based on your client’s needs. If you want to get started designing a home office, check out SmartDraw. It’s easy to use and comes with an endless selection of furniture, building materials, and cars, and has thousands of templates.

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Hotel art supplier or creator

Luxury hotels always need art, and you can easily become a supplier by setting up a supply chain. For this business, you’ll need supply chain management software like E2open. However, if you want to make the art instead, you can use design tools like Photoshop, GIMP, or Canva.

Luxury mirror art and/or installer

Most homes use mirrors to open up the space, and these can range from luxury to vintage pieces. If you’re an expert in mirror art or you’re looking to install them, purchase a glass painter and/or customer relationship management software to build quality products and relationships.

Outdoor/indoor landscaping designer

If you have a passion for plants but you’re not a fan of gardening, open an outdoor or indoor landscaping design business. SmartDraw also does landscaping. However, if you want to try a landscaping product that utilizes 3D graphics, try Chief Architect Home Designer Software.

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Window shutters/blinds maker

Curtains are more often seen as a luxury product, but they don’t work for all windows. Luxury window shutters and blinds are perfect for windows of any size and can look effortlessly chic when made from woven materials. You can use an automatic weaver to make stunning shades.

Custom home theater planner

Nothing screams luxury like a custom home theater. While design software will help here, you should use comparison tools to find the best electronics or gadgets for the space. If you’re a fan of pricing and installing technology instead of using it, this could be the right business for you.

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