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The Miami skyline is about to get a new landmark, and this one – touted at the tallest residential building on a U.S. beachfront – will be hard to miss. The first Bentley-branded residential tower in the world, the luxury tower promises unprecedented levels of amenity. And it’s all neatly packaged under a diamond pattered façade.

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Behind the project is a unique collaboration between Bentley Motors, Dezer Development, and the award-winning Sieger Suarez Architects. That’s a company that boasts a 42-year reputation for design-forward and high-quality architecture.

Dezer Miami Bentley Tower Frontview

“Bentley cars are known as the most luxurious cars in the world today,” says Gil Dezer, President of Dezer Development. “And that’s what we associate ourselves with. We are building the Bentley of apartments.”

Both Dezer and the masterminds behind Sieger Suarez – Charles M. Sieger and Jose J. Suarez – have a solid, long-standing connection. In the past, they partnered on other branded residential towers like the coveted Porche Design Tower and Residences by Armani/Casa.

Bentley Miami Tower Design Deck 2

“The relationship with Sieger Suarez started off in 1999,” says Dezer. “And we’ve been able to work together to come up with tremendous solutions to real development issues. They are known for so many great buildings in Miami and being able to continue to work with their talent has been amazing.”

Bentley Residences: The Architecture

One of the main things that makes the new Bentley Residences stand out from the rest will be its unique diamond patterned façade. And that’s something that has never been done before. Set to rise 60 stories high, reaching 749 feet, the cylindrical skyscraper will include a total of 216 luxurious units. When complete new buyers will benefit from an elevated residential experience in beautiful Sunny Isles Beach.

Dezer Miami Bentley Tower Looking Up

Raising the bar even further, Bentley Residences will also feature the innovative Dezervator automotive lift system. These patended and unique car elevators will bring residents’ vehicles up to their individual in-unit, multi-car garages. They’re included with every residence in the building.

“What we thought was a cool thing has turned into a privacy thing,” says Dezer. “High-end and celebrity clients are loving this feature for privacy reasons because they don’t need anyone driving their car. And no one knows when they’re coming or going from their units.”

Dezer Miami Bentley Tower Beach Vie

An added yet unintended bonus of the ground-breaking lift system and in-unit garages is that they will also be Covid-19-friendly.

Miami real estate: Ample amenities

Each apartment will include an estimated 2,000 square-feet of secluded outdoor living space. The massive balconies will be complete with a private pool and outdoor shower. Overall the space will act as an exclusive, personal retreat. And that’s especially important during a time when many people are wanting to stay in their homes more.

Bentley Miami Tower Design Deck 3

“We designed a balcony that’s not only private, but useful,” explains Dezer. “It will give the apartment an indoor and outdoor feel. And residents will be able to enjoy it any time they like.”

Blocked off from all sides but one, each balcony will be sheltered from strong winds. That will allow residents to enjoy their personal outdoor space. Plus there are stunning ocean or bayfront views, even at great heights.

Bentley Miami Tower Design Deck 2

Set to be constructed using completely sustainably sourced materials and finishes, each unit will offer ample amenities. In addition to that will be a public state-of-the-art fitness center, cinema, spa, whisky bar, restaurant and lounge, and pool and cabanas. Also outside will be magnificently landscaped gardens all around the building.

Bentley Miami Tower 7
Bentley Miami Tower 4

Miami real estate: Unmistakably Bentley

According to Dezer, the Bentley Residences are a response to Miami’s affluent condo market. In the end it’s responding to a need for a standard of living that’s out of the ordinary.

Bentley Miami Tower Design Deck

“With this project, we’re serving that need by coming up with creative, high-quality apartments that people will love,” says Dezer. “What are we doing that’s different? Everything.”

Construction for Bentley Residences is expected to begin in early 2023. Pricing starts at $4.2 million USD.

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