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One of the most loved social media platforms these days is Instagram. It has taken the mobile photo-sharing niche by storm and become a top name on networking sites.

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More than 700 million active users worldwide are on this app, making it a preferred platform for both advertisers and entrepreneurs. It’s a great place to sell products and services appealingly. Beyond scrolling through your feed and uploading photos, Instagram has many other things to offer. There might be several features you still don’t know about this social networking app that can potentially boost your overall experience.

You may even ask what is vanish mode on Instagram or how to hide your stories from certain people. Still, there are tons of things you have to learn about this platform.

Has an Archive option

If you want to remove a post from your profile, but don’t want to delete it, then archive it. Head to the post you like to archive, select your options on the top-right of the screen and choose Archive. The good thing about this feature is that you can still view your archived posts whenever you want to. Click the three bars on the top-right of your account and then select Archive and tap Posts from the dropdown menu.

Features reels

Instagram Reels are short 15-second videos with effects, audio, and other editing tools. These include more diverse video effects, such as AR, video speed, timer, audio, countdown features, and smooth transition options. You can let other users, aside from your followers, see your reels by setting your account to public. This way, you can get a chance to have your video featured on the Explore Page.

Helps you find related hashtags to use

One of the most significant facts about Instagram is that using key hashtags is its secret to success. It helps you connect with other users, search for interesting content, and aid users find your posts. Moreover, to make your posts more popular, you can also use other tools, like Hashtagify, to give you related hashtags. It may bring more attention to your photos, and users can see your posts easily.

Makes your content to look more attractive

There are plenty of filters and basic photo and video editing tools you can use on Instagram. If you want to post something more appealing and interesting, you can use these to your advantage. You’ll have something fun to do on this app, from tons of filters to various effects. Use appropriate filters and effects so as not to overdo your posts.

Lets you filter comments

Instead of deleting comments one by one, you can automatically filter them. Instagram lets you get rid of rude or inappropriate comments that appear on your posts instantly. You have to go to the Settings, choose Privacy, and click Comments. From there, toggle the Hide Offensive Comments switch on. You have another option to use, though, the Manual Filter, and it allows you to enter your own words that you want to hide.

Enables you to create collages

Seamlessly make collages through Instagram’s linked app called Layout. You can access it through its app or link to it through Instagram by clicking the collage button when choosing photos to edit. You can choose from several collage options, all of which can be adjusted according to the order of your images and panel size. In addition, you can insert borders between your pictures and flip or mirror images.

Shows your recently liked posts

There’s no need to spend hours searching through your newsfeed or other people’s accounts when you want to see a photo you’ve liked recently. You have to go to your Settings, click Account and look for Posts You’ve Liked. It will open 300 most recent posts you’ve liked, which you can browse any time you want.

Lets you clear your search history

Your search history can sometimes be embarrassing, especially when others see it. Instagram lets you clear your search history in just a snap to save you from embarrassment. Go to the Settings, select Security, and the Clear Search History will appear. Choose this option to rid yourself of all those awkward terms you’ve searched. However, doing so will prevent the app from auto-filling your common search terms, so think about it before confirming.

Gives you options to remove tags from posts

You may get annoyed when friends tag you in unflattering photos or without asking for your permission. Sometimes, you don’t feel like getting tagged in any pictures, and that’s okay. Good thing Instagram allows you to remove tags from posts in two options—Hide From Profile and Remove Me From Post. The Hide From Profile option hides a post from the tagged photos section of your profile. On the other hand, the Remove Me From Post deletes the tag completely.

Permits you to link multiple accounts

When you have other Instagram accounts, you can easily link them to one device without signing in and out constantly. Go to your profile and press those three bars on the top right of the screen, then choose Add Account. The app will direct you to where you can create a new account or sign in to an existing one. Afterward, you can post or do whatever you want to your accounts by conveniently switching to any of them.


Connect with people in a fun, visual way with Instagram. It has been a staple social media app for most people nowadays, and there’s no stopping this anytime soon. If you’re one of those who always use this platform, it will be very nifty to learn the facts mentioned above.

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