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As we begin to travel more, it’s one thing to have a suitcase with Superman strength. OK, so we’re not talking about strength derived from yellow sun radiation, like the Man of Steel. The Sterling Pacific 80L Check-In Travel Case is meticulously crafted with aviation-grade 5052 aluminum and dozens of stainless steel rivets that hold it together tighter and smoother than the wing of a high speed aircraft.

Nobody is denting up the Sterling. It’s another thing though to go in style, travel luggage that shows off bespoke elegance, right down to its details, as you walk through the airport terminal.

This piece is so nice your concern might be someone walking off with it. Fortunately it has that TSA-approved, double spring-loaded combination latch lock system. Trust us, playing with the lock system, if someone walks off with your Sterling Pacific 80L suitcase, they aren’t opening it when they get it back home.

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Aluminum suitcases: Durability first and foremost

So what is 5052 aluminum? It’s one of the more popular aluminum alloys for a very good reason – strong enough for fuel tanks, durable, resistible to corrosion, but adaptable enough for utensils. There’s a reason why it’s used in the construction of airplanes. Over 50,000 tons of hydraulic pressure is used to bend and corrugate the aluminum sheets.

The aluminum corners are layered and reinforced with A380 aluminum. Each of those steel rivets can take over 27,000 pounds of weight per square inch.

The top and side handles really speak to the bespoke side of the piece. It’s full-grain Italian leather, handcrafted from leather by an independent tannery, based out of the small town of Chiampo in the Italian region of Veneto. The leather handles contain the entire grain layer of the cowhide, so it shows its natural imperfections and marks.

Trolley bar retracts into aluminum housing

The suitcase as two, 2.5 inch recessed wheels, again the idea being to withstand excessive wear and tear. The retractable, full-aluminum trolley and housing (the trolley bar retracts into an aluminum housing) will never buckle. That Italian leather is wrapped around the handle.

Inside the case you’ll find plenty of room to safely store fashion and accessories, including two shoe pockets, and a mesh pocket for the smaller stuff. The interior is covered with ring spun twill weave lining.

The Sterling Pacific 80L Check-In Travel Case goes for $1,795. If you are shopping for aluminum suitcases, also check out its sibling – the 35L Cabin Travel Case, priced at $1,295. Sterling Pacific is a 113-year-old Nevada-based company with a history of providing premium goods. They’re banking on travel coming back big, with pent-up demand after two years of lockdowns and restrictions. 

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