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What do you do if someone gifts you a premium Montecristo Supremos Edicion Limitada 2019? Do you want to save it for a special day, but you don’t yet own a cigar humidor? The question then: How to store cigars without a humidor? How long do cigars last without a humidor? If you hope to get the best out of your luxury cigar experience, you need to know how to store cigars, how to keep cigars fresh.

Cuban cigars are firmly at the top of the premium cigar pyramid. They are made of 100 per cent natural tobacco. The Vuelta Abajo y Partido regions of the country are renowned for this. The cigar industry is one with a tradition that goes back to the 17th century, when the first factories started production.

Cuban cigars are the highest level of quality and workmanship

So, a luxury cigar experience starts and ends with a Cuban product. Therefore, you need to know the best way to store cigars and how to keep cigars fresh. That said, let’s get this on the record first: The ideal method to store a fine cigar is in a cigar humidor. It needs to be properly seasoned; the best humidity for cigars is between 65-70 per cent.

The ideal humidor temperature for storing cigars is between 68-70 degrees F. Humidors replicate the climate that the fine, Cuban tobacco was originally grown in. We’ve talked about humidors and storing cigars in the past.

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Cigar storage: Five things to do to keep your cigar fresh

But what about if you don’t own a cigar humidor? Maybe you are just starting out as a cigar smoker. Or perhaps you are at the cottage or away from home where your humidor is located. So how to store cigars without a humidor? Here are five things you can do. Understand though: these are emergency, short-term solutions only. And whatever you do, don’t put just toss it in the freezer or fridge.

You don’t want to have spend good money on a fine Cuban cigar only to find it dried out because you didn’t store it correctly. That’s especially true in the winter when the home gets drier. And on the other end, heat combined with too much humidity can cause mold to grow. Storing cigars in a space with the right humidity levels allows you to keep those essential oils in the tobacco. These are natural, organic products. Cigars are sensitive to the surrounding environment.

So temperature and moisture need to be controlled. Remember – once the cigar is dry those oils are never coming back.

Don’t store the cigar in the sun

A fast track to ruining a fine cigar is leaving it in the sun. Just. Don’t. They’ll dry out, become brittle and crack. The best place to store cigars is in a cool, dark place. A Cuban cigar that has been stored in the proper conditions will keep its full range of flavours. You’ll notice that when you light it up. It will also burn slowly and evenly once lit, so you can fully enjoy the experience.

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Storing cigars: Ziploc bag

Reach into the kitchen drawer and grab one of those Ziploc bags if you have to. Seal it up while removing as much air as possible. Even place a small, moist sponge in there. Remember to make sure water doesn’t get on the cigar. And keep it in a cool, dark environment. You’ll get a week with humidifier bags, maybe a little more, using this method.

Boveda packs, which regulate humidity, are a must. If you can get your hands on one, go for either 65 per cent or 69 per cent, for a Cuban cigar you are storing in a Ziploc bag. Boveda packs are two-way humidity control packages you can buy online. Just toss one in the bag (or the humidor). They come in a variety of RH (relative humidity) levels depending on your storage situation (including the type of humidor you have). Boveda packs at 65 or 69 per cent RH are ideal for Cuban cigar since they’re tightly wound and will mould at higher RH levels.

You can also try a humidification pouch.


Tupperware is good as well, the kind with the snap-on lids for an airtight solution. You’ll easily get a small wet sponge, even a small bowl or shot glass with water into these. Remember to always use distilled water. Tap water is loaded with chemicals and impurities. Again, the best place to store Cuban cigars, or any cigars, is in a cool, dark place – away from heat vents.

And once again, keep in mind that with these are short-term solutions. You are temporarily creating the conditions that a humidor provides. Consistency in temperature and humidity is the name of the game.

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Plastic wrap

Alright, we’re getting a little ghetto here. Truly, the bottom of the barrel. Wrapping it in plastic wrap may work for the short-term, but it’s jumbled and messy, especially if you wrap a small damp sponge or Boveda pack with it.

Storing cigars: Cooler or small fridge

If you want to up your game a little bit, and there’s a cooler in the house, you can also create a temporary solution for storing cigars there. A standard cooler will do the trick when it comes to keeping the relative humidity where it needs to be. Toss a wet sponge or a small container with water in there with the cigar.

In all of these short-term solutions, if you are not going to smoke the cigar right away, keep an eye on it. A pinch test between your thumb and forefinger is the best way to test the freshness of the cigar. If it springs back nicely to shape you are OK. If it cracks a little, it’s getting dry. And if it bends or sags slightly, or if the end you light starts to “mushroom”, the cigar is too moist.

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