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A lot of us are spending a lot of time at home, meaning we have all kinds of opportunity to look around and critique our spaces. While you can re-decorate or renovate, sprucing up your space with some smart tech and gadgetry might be enough to give you the fresh look you need.

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Samsung Frame TV

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Are you the kind of person who doesn’t have a TV in your living room because a TV is a giant black hole in your decor? Meet the anti-TV. Samsung The Frame TV is designed to blend in to your space by transforming itself into realistic art when it’s not being watched. The effect is quite stunning and believable and can be a way to hide a TV in plain sight. Check out a video review below of this piece of smart tech in action to really see what it’s like in a home setting.

Samsung original Frame TV Review

Meural Canvas

Okay, so you’re really anti-TV? Meural Canvas is a dedicated art carousel that can display low light, no-glare artworks on rotation. Choose from Meural’s massive art library or go with your own photos or works. Everything shows up inside the smart frame and it’s completely customizable.

Nanoleaf Light Panels

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We typically think of lights as bulbs that go into sockets, but what if light could be built across flat surfaces like walls, tables, even floors? That’s the idea behind Nanoleaf’s flat LED light panels. With smart app control, and the ability to use them anywhere – no hardwiring required – you can customize colours, motion effects, placement and arrangements.

Philips Hue Smart Lights

Philips Paint With Lights 2

Smart lighting can go a long way to changing up your decor. Rather than re-paint, why not just ask your lights to change to peach, blue or sage? Philips Hue lighting is one of the best smart lighting kits on the market. It’s easy to set up and use and operates bug free.

Casper Glow Sleep-wake Lights

As many as one in three of us suffers from insomnia. The culprits? Blue light from screens, stress, noise, kids, the job, you name it. We spend millions collectively on ways to improve our sleep. So can a simple light help us fall asleep easier and wake up more gently?

The Casper Glow light a wireless and rechargeable lamp designed to help you wind down and fall asleep naturally for better, deeper sleep. These lights also make great minimalist additions to spaces other than the bedroom, since you can set them on timers.

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