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Are you aware of the latest buzz amongst real estate agents? Well, it’s a spanking new way of listing your property online – through a single property website. If we were you, we’d be curious about this new fad too.

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Unlike a brokerage website, a single property website is a standalone one-page website that is created for the sole purpose of marketing an individual real estate listing. It can be used to highlight the best features of your property through certain photos, features, floor plans, etc; and help you generate leads and sales.

How to build a single property website

If you are tech-savvy and familiar with digital media, you can build a DIY single property site starting with buying a domain name to host the website and a website builder. The other (easier) option is to hire a professional website building company with expertise in virtual staging and photo editing in real estate. They can help you build an advanced SEO and user-friendly website.

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What goes into a successful single property website

You would need the following resources to launch a single property site:

  • Custom URL with a domain name
  • A detailed description of the property and its location
  • Real estate agent’s contact information
  • Media in the form of images for exhibiting the floor plan, interiors, and exteriors of the property
  • You can also try to virtually stage the property with furniture and décor to make it more appealing to the buyer

Are single property websites worth the effort and why?

Yes, single property sites are totally worth the effort because they can get more eyeballs to your property listing than any other virtual tours or online flyers and help you sell your home fast. It makes a powerful first impression in the eyes of your target customer. And it improves their buying experience, making it more discoverable online because of SEO.

Here’s why you should pursue single property websites:

1. Undivided attention of the buyer

With other websites, it’s easy for potential buyers to navigate to multiple listings that they find interesting, decreasing the chances of your listing being sold. Unlike an aggregate real estate website, a single property site is specifically designed for your listing. You can have the undivided attention of the buyer and highlight what you think are truly the finest features of your property.

2. Easy navigation to other listings

Got a few other listings to sell? Simply add a small navigating feature on your website which makes it easy for the user to check out other listings under your name. This way the user still stays on the same URL that your listing website is hosted on. If a buyer is interested in any of your listings, they can get the complete experience by navigating through your website and contacting you if they want to check out any one of them.

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3. A Standout Listing Presentation

Since you control the content on this website, you can try various ways to enhance the look and feel of your real estate listing. From adding a 3D virtual tour to a Google map, you can use professional imagery to hook the customer to your website. The objective is to have them schedule an appointment with you. With today’s technology, you can also add virtual staging to show the buyer how their home would look when renovated.

4. Control over what the buyer views

When you submit your listing on a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) website, you’re worried about the content they’ll pick and how it will be shown. On your single property site, you can control the user journey. You’ll control the content that they view, and even the quality of it. For example, you can use as many high-quality photographs of the property as you want on a single property website. That’s compared to a few pixelated or half-cut images that could appear on an MLS.

5. User-friendly experience

A real estate website like an MLS is fed with multiple listings and several CTAs which might confuse the buyer. Whereas on a single property website, you can organize the content efficiently keeping a quality user journey in mind and keeping all the information that they may need in one place. For example, you can provide them direct access to your disclosure documents which they can review before submitting an offer

Offering a single property website to your potential customers can make you stand out as a professional too. They’ll recognize that they are dealing with someone who truly knows their stuff.

Digital real estate marketing is here and many technology companies are offering useful tools to real estate agents that can help them create single property websites. It only makes sense to catch up with the trend to boost the performance of your business.

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