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We’ve written a lot on classic cars these days – gaining in popularity (and value) with the advent of the electric car generation. If you are fond of classic cars or you are looking to become more skilled with car maintenance, it is important to remember that there are plenty of things you can do by yourself.

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We all want to be that mechanic that can fix up our pride and joy, but the best places to start small. So, here are some of the best car maintenance tasks you can do by yourself.


Shake your PCV valve

Auto parts and accessory providers like TDot Performance provide this all-important part of the car, but if your car has a PCV valve, you can get more or out of your vehicle by shaking this valve. You should take it out with every oil change. This may sound complex but all you need to do is find the PCV valve, slide the vacuum hose off it, and unscrew the valve.

Give it a shake, and if it makes a metallic clicking sound it is ok, or if it sounds mushy or makes no noise you need to replace it. Bear in mind, your PCV valve will look dirty if you’ve used it, so don’t replace it on looks alone.

Fix the leaky sunroof

If you are getting drips on your head, it’s very likely that your sunroof drains are clogged. This is something that can be fixed in a few minutes. Open up the sunroof, and look for drain holes in the front and the rear corners, and once you’ve located the source of the problem, add duct tape to a small plastic tube or rubber to suck out any debris stuck in the drains and check underneath the car to see if it is draining away.

If the drain is still clogged up, you can get rid of the blockage by using a speedometer cable and inserting it into the drain gently which should help to flush out the debris.

Replacing your air filter

It is such an important thing to do and is very easy and cheap to sort out yourself. If your air filter is blocked up, this can cause damage to the blower motor and cause havoc with your air conditioning during the summer. Purchase a replacement cabin air filter, and simply remove the access covers of the old filter and slide it out.

Replacing a broken antenna

This is very straightforward. You just need to unscrew the remaining part of the mast and purchase a replacement one, you then disconnect the antenna cable from the radio, and connect some heavy string to the end.

And screw the antenna mount from the pillar, and pull the old antenna straight out. You tie your new antenna to the string and pull the cable back into the vehicle, and hey presto!

Fixing small dents

This is another very straightforward thing to do. Start by sanding them down with some sandpaper, feather the edges, and clean the dents. You can then mix up the body filler and apply a very light coat.

These are a few simple things, but they will make your car look pristine, and you won’t need to go to the mechanic as much as you normally would!

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