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Los Angeles has two main areas where you’ll find the most expensive real estate: the Santa Monica hills and the Pacific Ocean coastline.

The mountains of Santa Monica cover a vast area stretching from the Oxnard Plain to the Hollywood Hills. The most sought-after neighborhoods on the hillside include Bel Air, Brentwood face south. These neighborhoods are home to incredible luxury homes with fantastic city views at a peaceful distance from the chaos of the city.

And as the sun sets, these neighborhoods have the best views of the city skyline and the star-filled night sky. Below we will go through some of the most luxurious and prestigious neighborhoods in Los Angeles to give you an idea of what each area offers.

Paradise Cove Bluffs

Along the coastline are several luxury neighborhoods with exceptional real estate in places such as Malibu, Venice, and Santa Monica. Without a doubt, Malibu is the most exclusive location for those looking for a home away from the busy city.

While many houses are massive villas, you can search online for “room for rent Los Angeles” to find beautiful apartments in these prestigious neighborhoods. First up is Paradise Cove Bluffs, widely known for having the highest prices of homes above all other neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

Every house has its own area of the beach that comes with the house and is entirely private. There is a reason it is called Paradise Cove Bluffs because the homes here really have their own piece of paradise. Although the lots for the homes here are smaller in comparison to some other neighborhoods on this list, there is more than enough space for things like pools, tennis courts, and guest houses.

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Venice Beach, photo by Viviana Rishe on Unsplash

Beverly Park

Up next is Beverly Park, which is split into two separate enclaves known as South Beverly Park and North Beverly Park. This neighborhood is gated and relatively new compared to many other prestigious Los Angeles areas. When this neighborhood was first constructed, it was initially supposed to be a country club and a golf course. However, the developers of the exclusive community decided against this and used the area to make a new neighborhood full of luxury homes.

The construction of the neighborhood was finished in 1990, and strict regulations were put in place that meant that every home must have 5000 square feet of land at a minimum. However, some of the homes in this neighborhood have almost 40,000 square feet of land, which means there is plenty of space for everything you could want in your home. This neighborhood is famous for being home to some of the most popular celebrities, including the likes of Mark Wahlberg, Eddie Murphy, Barry Bonds, and Sylvester Stallone.

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Encinal Bluffs

Located in Western Malibu, the Encinal Bluffs line the beachfront far from busy roads. This part of Malibu offers some of the most exclusive and remote homes in all of Los Angeles, which is why it is desirable for many people who can offer a home here. The views of the Pacific Ocean are unbelievable, and with such easy access to beautiful beaches, the price tag for homes here is understandable.

One of the benefits of owning a property in the Encinal Bluffs is that you are guaranteed access to the beach, and the lots are huge.

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Photo by Venti Views on Unsplash

Holmby Hills

Located near UCLA as well as the Country Club of Los Angeles, Holmby Hills makes up one-third of the Platinum Triangle, with the other two neighborhoods being Bel Air and Beverly Hills. Although a lot of chaos surrounds the homes in Holmby Hills — compared to some of the other secluded neighborhoods on this list — the houses are massive and cover a lot of land. It is common to see places with lots over 10,000 square feet. Holmby Hills has had a long history of being the neighborhood in which A-list actors, industrialists, and directors have lived over the last few decades.

In addition, Holmby Hills is the neighborhood where famous homes such as the Playboy Mansion, Spelling Manor, and Carolwood Estate, Walt Disney’s former home, are all located. This neighborhood is so well-known worldwide that people even have street names here, with Mapleton Drive being a great example.

Los Angeles real estate: Wrap up

So there we have it. Now you know about some of the most prestigious neighborhoods in all of Los Angeles. Suppose you find yourself in a place where you can live in some of the paradises, such as Beverly Park or any other neighborhood mentioned above. In that case, you will better understand the kind of neighborhood that is right for you.

Top image: Venice Beach

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