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There can never be too much luxury for those with good taste and the funds to make their dreams come true. Here are 7 amenities for luxury homes that can build value to your real estate investment. Take a look at these trendy features and decide which you want to add to enjoy the comfort of a lavish home.

Build a guest bathroom and an on-suite bathroom

An average home can get by just fine with one bath. As opposed to that, a luxury home requires a bit more to become lavish. An on-suite bath, right next to your bedroom, apart from another bathroom somewhere else in the house, is practical and guarantees ultimate privacy.

Even guests like it when they use the guest bathroom rather than your private one because they can relax knowing they aren’t invading your personal space. And this will allow you to keep your grooming routines away from people’s eyes.

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Swimming pool – definitely one of the amenities every luxury home needs

Not much can compare to the relaxation a swimming pool gives you. Imagine a tough work day ending with a glass of wine by the pool or an energetic swim. And all that in the comfort of your home. A swimming pool will give your (perfectly manicured) garden parties a whole other twist. In the summer, having a swimming pool is a blessing because you get to refresh and unwind without paying too much attention to how you look or whether you are sunbathing.

Those with a bigger budget may consider an indoor pool that allows for year-round fun and sports. Whatever type of pool you choose, it will change your life for the better.

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Where there’s a game room, friends always want to come over

Work hard, play hard, they say. Consider installing a game room in your home, which will be your sanctuary where you can get lost in whatever entertaining activity makes you happy. Some like video games, so their game room can be a place with cozy lazy bags, a sofa, and a big screen on the wall.

Others prefer to move more when having fun, so table tennis or a squash room would blow their mind. Do you want to ensure all of your friends are amazed by your game room? Get a pool table or a darts machine, and your home will be the favorite gathering place for your crew. Psychologists say socializing with friends while doing something fun benefits everyone’s well-being, so this game room would be therapeutic.

Set up a home theatre and bring home movie night to a whole new level

Any movie buff would agree that money invested in a home theatre is money well spent. Being one myself, I couldn’t agree more. Going to the actual cinema is the utmost movie experience, but it requires getting ready and going there for an exact time. Not every day do we feel like it. Sometimes watching a movie in your PJs under a blanket is exactly what you need. Then why not set up a home theatre where you can have the full cinema experience and the comfort only your home can give you? Not to mention that your friends will love it! If you ever decide to sell the place, this feature will increase its value.

Experts from Centennial Moving always advise their clients to consider getting an interesting home feature such as a home theatre. Some of their previous clients managed to sell their homes at a higher price and faster, thanks to it. And to be honest, it doesn’t necessarily have to cost all that much, yet it has luxury spelled all over it.

A private workout area will get you moving

Any life coach, fitness instructor, or doctor will tell you that being active is of utmost importance. But for many, leaving the warmth and comfort of the sofa to go to the gym is a stretch. On top of that, many people are shy, and having to do exercises in front of strangers is very upsetting for them. But a workout area in your home can solve these issues.

Home gym owners can work out whenever it suits them, as their gym has no working hours. They can even include a virtual trainer in their workout routine. Many fitness instructors work with their clients remotely by sending videos of exercises to them. You can put a TV in your home gym or workout area and have a proper instructor-led session in complete privacy. This luxury home feature may significantly impact your health for the better, so you should carefully consider it. Bottom line – more people are adding them to their homes post-Covid so that adds further value to your asset.

A dressing room is a girl’s best friend

This is arguably the first thing any woman will think of when asked what a must-have feature of each luxury home is. Both women and men love having a dressing room where getting ready for work can become a ritual. This room is great to have because your clothes and shoes will never shamelessly sit where they do not belong again. So, by investing in a dressing room, you are ensuring that your home is always tidy. At least when it comes to clothes, that is. What a great addition to the home.

Speaking of clothes and accessories, moving them from your old home to the new one must be upsetting for you, but you should relax and let experts handle everything. This is especially recommendable for those making large moves such as province-to-province or state-to-state ones. All you will need to do is wait for your beloved stuff to arrive with a martini in hand and a smile on your lips.

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The Master bedroom should be fit for royalty

You know they say the bedroom is where all the magic happens, right? But you must make enough space for it first. No reputable luxury home should have its owners sleep in a tiny bed and battle for leg room. If you want your home to be extravagant, get an extravagantly large bed. Also, ensure the room is not confining so you can stretch in the morning like a king.

All in all, installing these seven amenities every luxury home needs can convert a regular, not-so-lavish house into a high-end, highly sell-able, property. If you can afford it, go for it. Life is too short for ordinary living, don’t you think?

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