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It is no secret that you are lucky if you have your room and do not share it with anyone. There is a sense of privacy and comfort when you have your personal space or home sanctuary, especially if you are an introvert.

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You get to think, reflect, and do things without worrying, “what if other people saw me?” Therefore, if you have a room exclusively for yourself and do not share it with other people in your house, you are lucky.

But having a home sanctuary for yourself without personalizing it can feel empty. And it is no surprise if you want to decorate it according to your taste and preference. You would want to put in things that describe your interests to make the room more like “you.”. And you can check out to explore that.  So, from sturdy desks to a toy storage organizer, here are seven things that you can add to your room.

Home sanctuary: A study or work desk

Let us start with a handy item that you can use if you are a student or someone who does their work at home. Work-from-home has beyond “trend”. Many assume it’s here to stay for many. And luxury homes are being designed with that in mind. A study or work desk is a piece of handy furniture you can add to your room. And depending on what you do, you can also place things on it or have it customized depending on your needs.

If you are a student, feel free to add some books and a lamp to turn your desk into a study table. And if you work from home, feel free to place your laptop, pens, or any other items you might need during your shift. Whether you turn it into a study table or a work desk, this furniture will serve you well while doing your thing in your room.

Fandom merch

Nowadays, it is just natural that people are part of a fandom. From K-pop groups to comic franchises, people are part of communities where they can connect with other fans who share the same interest. And to proudly show that you are part of a devoted fandom, why not display your merchandise in your room?

Posters, pictures, albums, you name it – flaunt any merchandise you have in your room. Aside from proudly showing that you are part of a community, you will get to see your favourite fictional characters or artists in your room. These types of merchandise make your room livelier and define you as an individual.

Personal Sanctuary 2

Home sanctuary: A toy display or organizer

Back then, toys were more acceptable if children played with them, and adults would look at toys as something exclusively for kids. But now, as more people who are kids at heart grow up, toy collection is a well-known hobby, even for adults. And if you happen to be a toy collector, feel free to display your well-earned collection via displays or organizers.

It would be best for action figures and model kits to place them behind a glass display, and doing so lets you see them without worrying about catching or building up dust. As for plushies and stuffed toys, a toy organizer would be preferable. This way, they will not be stained by dirt or dust. But at the end of the day, it is up to you how you will show your inner child.

A gaming console

And like toys, video games are now as acceptable in society. Playing games lets you unwind and destress your mind, whether after a long day of work or a week of tough exams. And if playing games is one of the ways you unwind after work or school, why not put a gaming console in your room?

It will not matter whether you are an Xbox or PlayStation fan, and it would be just as fine if you prefer a PC. Whether casual or a hardcore gamer, a gaming console will fit nicely into your room. But try not to be too loud when playing to avoid bothering the other people in your home.

Any musical instrument

It is nice to have a creative outlet. Whether visual or performing arts, a creative outlet lets us express ourselves and hone our skills. And if your preferred outlet is music, a musical instrument will fit your room nicely.

If you are a music person, it will not matter if you play a string, percussion, brass, or wind instrument. And it would be just as fine if you use a turntable or beat pad for more contemporary music. Any musical instrument will fit nicely inside the room of an aspiring or professional musician.

Personal Sanctuary 3

Home sanctuary: A mini fridge

Let us admit it: there are times when we feel thirsty, but we do not feel like moving. You might have that experience of waking up in the middle of the night and feeling thirsty. If you have money and room space to spare, why not get yourself a mini-fridge in your room?

Unlike a regular fridge, a mini-fridge will take up less space, making it possible to have one in your room. And aside from beverages, you can also store other food products that are best stored cold, such as fruits and chocolates. So if you want to get some food or beverage in your room effortlessly, a mini-fridge might be the solution.

A garbage bin

And lastly, cleanliness is godliness. Your room is your sanctuary and place of peace, and how will you feel relaxed if there is a lot of junk in your personal space? In situations like this, a garbage bin will come in handy.

You would prefer a smaller garbage bin compared to the larger ones you would usually see outside. And it may be a chore, but you will have to regularly clear out the garbage so your room will not smell and be infested with creepy crawlies. Nevertheless, having a garbage bin in your room will help you easily clean your space.

In a nutshell

Your room is your sanctuary, and it is just natural if you want to decorate it with things that are either handy or pleasing to the eyes. These seven items are just some of the many things you can add to your sanctuary. You’re creating a “man-room”, and there are great places to go for furniture, tips, and materials to organize your stuff.

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