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When renovating your home garden, deciding which areas to focus on can be difficult, especially if you’re working on a strict budget. You may need to choose one or two areas to invest in rather than renovating the entire garden.

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However, deciding on which areas to work on isn’t always the easiest of options. To help you with this decision, we’ve put together a simple list of three areas that you can invest in to significantly improve your garden space.

Home garden: An area to relax

Firstly, your garden should be a place in which you can find solace and peace away from the hustle and bustle of the busy world. There are so many things you can do to add a space to relax and retreat from work and hectic life events, which will come down to your overall aesthetic choices.

Creating a relaxing garden retreat requires somewhere that is private, comfortable, and doesn’t overload your senses with excessively bright colours or loud noises. Adding plenty of greenery can also create a calming effect as nature has been proven to be good for boosting our moods, and plants can also help to reduce noise levels, acting as natural barriers to soak up sound waves. That’s also why you might opt for deck planters for your railings, to add even more greenery to the space.

Creating an area where you or a couple of friends or family can retreat and spend some time de-stressing is priceless.

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A space to entertain

You can tie this into your relaxing area, of course, but when you’re entertaining, you’ll often need a bit more space to cater to the number of guests that you might want to visit. An area of your garden allocated for gatherings is a common choice for many homeowners, and there are countless ways you can implement this.

For example, this could simply be a larger version of your relaxing spot with more furniture and a more open-plan layout to accommodate more people. Or you could turn it into an outdoor cooking area complete with a full cooking station. Choose a grill, pizza oven, or both and make it a focal point of the space. Don’t forget to protect the space from the elements with some form of shelter, like a lean-to pergola with a PVC roof. This will allow you to continue the party even if the weather turns.

To push the boat out, you could also create a blank, untextured surface that could be used as a screen for a projector. That way, you can host some outdoor movie nights too.

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A place to grow food

Nowadays, a lot of people grow their produce from home. This is not only a great way to diversify your garden but also an excellent source of fruits and vegetables.

Suppose you want to have a steady supply of mushrooms. This type of fungi is an excellent addition to many dishes, and they also have lots of health benefits. Why buy from a market if you could grow some of your own? You could get lion’s mane growing kits for your indoor garden. These mushrooms are easy to grow and a great addition to any garden. 

You should remember that growing fruits and vegetables in your garden will take a good amount of water, so make sure that your water lines are in good working order or have an efficient irrigation system.

Home garden: An eco-friendly zone

Ultimately, your garden should be a place for nature to thrive on some level, as this impacts not only your garden area but also the environment as a whole. A balance must be struck with the natural world, and the more we urbanise certain areas, the more we should be finding ways to add natural spaces to these areas too.

Creating an eco-friendly area of your garden is a way in which you can do your bit for the environment. You can do many things to make an eco-friendly garden, from growing your own food to adding a wild growth zone. This wild growth area should contain a selection of native plants and be allowed to simply do its thing.

You can, of course, contain this growth to one area, but try to allow that area to take over as it will provide a great space for wildlife and will therefore help the environment.

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