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According to Health and Fitness Travel, a huge trend in the tourism industry is health and wellness. And that’s even more of a trend in a pandemic world we live in. Check out the websites. Any luxury resort will promote the quality of their accommodations and dining choices. But also you’ll start to see more wellness offerings. Those include spiritual holistic detox, yoga, meditation, hydrotherapy, and stress management.

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First, a personal example. My wife and I traveled to Unico 20° 87° in Mexico’s Riviera Maya in October 2018. As soon as we arrived, we found that the resort had all the requisite five-star staples. First and foremost was a spacious, relaxing room accommodation. There were several pools. And typical for that area of the world, there was a great beach. The sheer number of quality dining and coffee shop options didn’t disappoint, either

Battery re-charge

But stress reduction was also the objective. We had just sold our island home, off of Cancun. Buying and selling real estate in Mexico can be a stressful experience if you haven’t gone through it yourself. It’s not for the feint of heart. So the point of going to Unico 20° 87° was not to get more sun and food. The objective wasn’t to sit and drink alcohol. It was to re-charge the inner batteries.

Unico 20˚87˚ Aerial View
Unico 20° 87°

So we jumped into the hydrotherapy treatment in the resort’s Esencia Spa. That was first on our list. What followed was a couples Swedish massage, then a day by the pool. There was a amazing steak dinner. Following that was more chill time on the balcony of our suite. After that was a nine-hour sleep in a King Bed, in our PURE Hypo-Allergenic room, featuring a state-of-the-art air purification system. And in the background of course were the sounds of the Caribbean.

Over those first 24 hours we had our physical and spiritual regeneration. And that was the point of it – to zap the stress, first. The next few days at the resort after that initial 24 hours was bonus time. So mission accomplished for us.

Personal fulfillment and self improvement

“Well-heeled travellers look for bespoke and meaningful holiday experiences. That is exactly what health and wellness retreats are all about,” says Paul Joseph, founder of Health and Fitness Travel. He is also a wellness travel expert.

“In addition to 5-star luxury, these destinations offer private experiences,” he says. “They offer added value services that can be accessed on a wellness programme. The objective of most luxury hotel brands is to provide their guests with an all-inclusive package. That means luxury, convenience, and stress-reduction.”

Fitness. Detox. Meditation. Yoga. If there was ever a time for stress reduction, it’s now. Health and Fitness Travel is a great guide for the type of experience we found at Unico 20° 87°. Here is their Top 7:

Travel Wellness Resorts Unico 20˚87˚

Cyprus: Healing at Ayii Anargyri

Travel Wellness Resorts Cyprus Ayii Anargyri Outside Massage
Travel Wellness Resorts Cyprus Ayii Anargyri Sauna 2

Surrounded by luscious citrus groves and almond trees, transcend the stresses of modern life. Fall into the blissful peace of island life. Rebalance your mind and body at this serene spa getaway with yoga classes, and reflexology sessions. Have an enlightening Le Sieste floating therapy. Immerse yourself in nature with a mud therapy cocoon and pool treatments. You’ll be fed by mineral rich, rejuvenating spring water to restore calm to your life. Leave your healthy holiday in a dream-like state of relaxation.

South Africa: Healthy Ageing at Sante Wellness

Travel Wellness Resorts South Africa Santé Wellness Retreat 1

Take a break from all your hard work while discovering South Africa. You can  reinvigorate your skin, body and mind with treatments tailored to decrease the effects of ageing. Have you tried vinotherapy? This super-charged anti-ageing treatment utilizes blissful techniques and antioxidant properties of local grapes to combat free radical damage.

Portugal: Surf & Relax at Palacio Estoril Golf & Spa Hotel

Trave Wellness Resorts Portugal Palacio Estoril Hydrotherapy Class
Travel Wellness Resorts Portugal Palacio Estoril Aerial View Day

Situated in one of Europe’s top surf spots, this adventure wellness holiday is perfect for those looking for a summer thrill. But it’s also about stress reduction and calm. Start with an ocean swim and experience a surge of adrenaline. Nourish your soul and re-energize your body with blissful massages. The yoga classes at the Banyan Tree Spa are inspired by an ancient Eastern symbol of healing and longevity.

Italian Riviera: Fusion FitnessTM at Almar Jesolo Resort & Spa

Travel Wellness Resorts Italy Almar Jesolo Postural Training
Travel Wellness Resorts Italy Almar Outdoor Pool 2

Head to the beautiful resort of Almar Jesolo and dive headfirst back into health with Fusion Fitness. Quite simply, it’s all about personalizing your holiday to hit your health goals. That includes running along Jesolo’s golden beaches. Or look to rebalance mind and body with Tai Chi and Hatha Yoga. As well, tone your muscles via strength training.

Portugal: Yoga & Wellness Retreat at Longevity Cegonha Country Club

Travel Wellness Resorts Portugal Longevity Cegonha Outdoor Swimming Pool3

Head to the idyllic Portuguese Algarve and invest in your well-being. This health and wellness retreat is enough to help anyone unwind. Refocus and connect with both mind and body. Whether you’re a novice or experienced yogi, you will benefit from the 25+ years of holistic teachings. Engage in ancient practices or de-stress with relaxation therapies. Or keep it simple. Just kick back and read. Better yet, enjoy the cool ocean water and warmth of the golden sands. Those alone will bring you calm.

Dubai: Detox at Retreat Palm Dubai

Travel Wellness Resorts Dubai Palm Dubai Swimming Pool

Situated by the Palm Islands of Dubai, this healthy holiday brings together futuristic ideas and ancient traditions to aid your detox. Make use of high-tech oxygen therapy and cryotherapy. Or immerse yourself in aromatherapeutic salt bath rituals and Moroccan Hammam sessions. Commit to the ancient practices of yoga and mindfulness. No doubt a week in the Dubai sun will leave you with a golden tan. But you will also leave with a newly discovered connection to mind, body and soul.

Bali: Sleep Well at REVIVO Wellness Resort

Travel Wellness Resorts Bali Revivo 4 Bedroom Villa 06

For a warm, relaxing holiday to re-energize over the winter period, get lost on the mystical island of Bali. This luxurious health and wellness destination is the perfect setting to travel down an ayurvedic path. Heal yourself with spa treatments, holistic classes and yoga. Breathe in, and re-centre the mind with nature. This is a beautiful place where you are surrounded by dense, leafy forestry and the sparkling Balinese shores. And if this isn’t enough to send you home in a state of Zen, connect to your inner self with music therapy, Tai Chi and Tibetan Meditation.

Health and Fitness Travel offers packages to these resorts and many others. Check out their website.

Top image: REVIVO

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