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Aston Martin is throwing down the gauntlet in the form a revised product line-up bristling with a sense of new found aggression. The Valkyrie is here while the Valhalla is waiting in the wings along with the new DB12 ‘Super GT’ just having made its debut.

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Aston Martin insists it is not a regular Grand Tourer. Instead it combines performance and the driving experience of a supercar along with the useability of a GT. It is the new generation of its DB bloodline and comes in at the 75th anniversary of this iconic moniker.

It is not merely a facelifted DB11 but instead comes with reworked mechanicals while the V8 now takes over the mantle. The V12 has been configured to the history books due to emissions and the V8 is now much more powerful too.


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Aston Martin: Twin turbo V8 engine

It is a 4.0 Twin-Turbo V8 engine which develops 680PS/671bhp at 6000rpm and 800Nm/590lb ft between 2750-6000rpm. That is a sizeable increase over the DB11. That also results in a top-speed of 202mph and a 0-60mph time of 3.5 seconds. Like much of the car, this is a hand-built engine and has been tuned by Aston Martin engineers.

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Along with the revised powertrain, the DB12 also gets an Electronic Rear Differential – a first for a DB model. This differential is linked to the car’s Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system. This means that there would be a marked improvement in grip on offer along with its cornering abilities.

The DB12 also features a revised (shortened) Final Drive Ratio (3.083:1), along with a bespoke transmission shift calibration. Hence, expect faster in-gear acceleration and reduction in shift speeds. Dynamic modes provide a broad driving experience based on the mode selected.

Aston Martin is throwing down the gauntlet in form a revised product line-up bristling with a sense of new found aggression.

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Bespoke entertainment system

Other updates include aluminium structure resulting in a 7% increase in its tortional stiffness while elsewhere there are new adaptive dampers. These characteristics means that the DB12 can still maintain its Grand Tourer talents while warming up to its new supercar ambitions. There is also a Carbon Ceramic Brake (CCB) option.

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Not just the dynamics as the exterior as well as the interior gain significant changes with a clear focus towards being more supercar-esque. Which explains the wider track and gaping intake at the front along with a protruding front splitter. Sharper looking new LED lights and clear-cut lines are also present. Frameless wing mirrors and standard 21-inch forged wheels are other highlights.

Aston Martin DB12 rivals: Bentley GT and Ferrari Roma

If anything, the interior of the DB11 needed an overhaul more than anything else. The current DBX and other Aston Martins do not get the latest infotainment system along with not even having a touchscreen. All that is a thing of the past with the DB12 as you get a bespoke infotainment system designed by Aston Martin themselves.

Aston Martin DB12 | The World's First Super Tourer

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It features a 10.25-in screen and capacitive touch controls plus wireless smartphone connectivity. There are also OTA updates and connected car technologies. Of course, with Aston Martin you get a sumptuous array of materials to choose from while surround sound audio is provided with new partner, Bowers & Wilkins.

DB12 has supercar ambitions

The rivals of the new DB12 straddle between the luxurious but stately Bentley GT along with the sharper Ferrari Roma. The DB12 edges closer to the Ferrari on first inspection but does promise to be the most desirable DB model from Aston Martin yet.

Images: Aston Martin

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