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Whether you’re an avid believer or just think it’s a harmless bit of fun, star signs can be a lovely element to integrate into your marriage proposal. They say a lot about a person and can determine how, when, and where you want to propose to make it as meaningful as possible. What’s more, it’s an excuse to add another layer of luxury to such an important moment in your lives.

So, whether your partner is an unpredictable Leo, a fiery Scorpio or a down-to-Earth Taurus, here is a bit of star sign inspiration for when you decide to pop the question.

Marriage proposal: What Brits are doing

Brits may be widely considered to be straightforward people who are always focused on what is in front of them. But that hasn’t stopped a fair few taking inspiration from the stars. In fact, according to a study by engagement ring specialists F.Hinds, over a fifth (21%) of Brits search for specific star signs when looking for potential partners. Sometimes it is a deciding factor.

Millennials in particular are known for being more in-tune with astrology. 59% of them believe that star signs and the outer world play a role in romance and put you in the path of someone perfect. Almost one in six (14%) would also exclude potential partners due to their astronomical incompatibility.

The ring

The engagement ring might be one of the most highly anticipated moments of the proposal. So you might be glad to know that astrology can help you with this most important of decisions. When deciding which ring to opt for, the 4 C’s might give you a helping hand and narrow down your choices.

Put simply, Taurus, Cancer, Virgos, and Capricorns would generally prefer a more traditional ring. Then there is Cancer who would prefer a ring that has some kind of historical significance. An heirloom would work perfectly here. Finally, we have Gemini who would side more with modern designs, like a diamond ring that is personalised with an engraving.


Another important factor to take into consideration is the location. Here again, you can allow your star signs to lead you in the right direction.

If your partner is a Leo, they are most likely to be competitive and extroverted. So a big public display of affection would be really valued by them. Think a busy city square or a tourist hotspot. Sagittarius is most associated with adventure and travel. So consider proposing at a mountain summit or at a place of historical and cultural significance.

Taurus is probably the most down-to-Earth, so something low-key like a meal at home would mean the most to them. Finally, Cancer values tradition and those closest to them. Why not head back to where you had your first date or a place that means a lot to both of you? They’ll hardly be able to wait to say ‘yes’!

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