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In the midst of an ongoing global pandemic, finding a sense of normalcy can be hard enough. Finding a sense of leisure, luxury, and safety for you and your family, however, can be next to impossible. Private yacht voyages might be an answer.

The CDC has a no-sail order still in effect. Major trade companies, such as Cruise Lines International Association, have announced their intention to suspend trips from U.S. ports well after this order has been lifted.

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Even in the midst of so many restrictions, however, those eager to get away from it all still have safe, reliable options to choose from. Perhaps you’re looking to feel the brisk sea air of the Bahamas brush across your face from the deck of a comfortable yacht without the worry of others crowding your space. If so, look no further than the getaway packages offered by Exclusive Resorts.

Your own personal paradise

Exclusive Resorts is an elite vacation club offering private yacht voyages that are top-of-the-line in both luxury and safety. For those interested in taking part in these immaculate journeys, the club recently announced dates for its perennial sell-out experiences in Summer 2021. That includes three 7-night itineraries for trips to the Bahamas and the Virgin Islands.

Create a paradise for you and those closest to you free from the worry of COVID-19. There is a limit of eight people per trip. Exclusive Resorts offers a chance to reconnect with the people important to you through the luxury of fine travel and accommodation on private yachts. Imagine the atmosphere of the open water, and the safety of a small crowd.

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Visit the Bahamas and take a swim off the East beach, known worldwide for its stunning beauty and breathtaking landscape. Take to the cays of the Exumas and bathe in undisturbed nature, kept safe through the Cays no take zones. Hike up Boo Boo Hill, see the miraculous Rachel’s Bubble Bath. Or relax at the sandbar of Soldier Cay with the sun on your face and drink in your hand.

On the shore, shop at exclusive boutiques at the breathtaking Atlantis Paradise Island. Or experience familiarity through the lens of luxury by playing 18 holes at the Ocean Club Golf Course.

Your own custom vacation itinerary

If not the Bahamas, Exclusive Resorts members can also choose to bask in the beautiful intimacy of the Virgin Islands. Passengers will be able to dive into the crystal clear Carribean sea and snorkel through the caves of Norman Island.

Beat the crowds to Virgin Gorda and experience white sandy beaches before docking at one of two exclusive yacht clubs to take in everything the island has to offer. That includes snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, swimming and the temperate perfection of the beaches themselves.

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While tried-and-true sample itineraries are available, members should know that their trip is ultimately in their own hands. In fact, personalization and flexibility are the biggest draws of Exclusive Resorts’ vacation plans.

Your own private chef

Through your membership, you’re able to decide where, when, and how long your luxury excursion will last through pre-paid plan days, as well as what you do. While recommendations are certainly available, the final say on each day’s adventures is yours.

Perhaps you’re desperate for a week on the water. Maybe you are salivating at a chance to come on-shore to sample delectable cuisine and exclusive shopping. Or you are feeling adventurous enough to explore the nature of the islands. Exclusive Resorts allows for complete control to ensure that your experience is not only unforgettable, but totally, uniquely yours.

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The crew, including a private chef and dedicated steward/stewardess, are included in the cost of the trip. That can elevate the experience of an Exclusive Resorts vacation to the next level. Imagine your favourite food exquisitely prepared and served alongside expertly-made mixed drinks as you sit on the deck of your private yacht. You look out to the clear water flowing into the coast of the Virgin Islands. Blissfully you take in the immortal experience you’ve crafted yourself; your destination, your itinerary, your dream getaway.

Flexible membership rates

Membership rates are far more affordable than you’d expect, as well, offering the same flexibility as the trips themselves. Ten-year or 30-year memberships require a one-time initiation fee of $150,000 and $250,000 respectively. Each plan has an additional cost of $1,395 per yearly plan day. This means each year’s payments only amount to the time you wish to spend with Exclusive Resorts.

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In these hectic times, where certainty and control seem to be at a premium, Exclusive Resorts offers you the chance to safely take the reins of your own leisure. They offer options for where you travel, who comes with you, and what you do every second of every day.

If you’re exiting the pandemic looking for an exciting way to re-immerse yourself into the thrilling beauty and stunning luxury the world has to offer, look no further than Exclusive Resorts.


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