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As we spend more time in our homes and personal spaces, it’s no wonder we’re looking to make those spaces more functional and fun. So it’s timely then that Samsung has announced its 4K QLED outdoor TV and soundbar. These are made to withstand harsh Canadian weather.

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Samsung’s new Terrace 4K QLED Outdoor TV and sound bar arrives just in time for plenty of sports watching, like the much-anticipated NFL season. Entertainment is becoming more purpose-built for home viewing.

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The timing of this is convenient, as it lets folks gather outside and watch a game or a movie. That’s more appealing since the COVID-19 pandemic has a lot of us nixing having strangers, and sometimes even family inside our homes.

New lifestyle habits are evolving

“As the latest addition to our Lifestyle TV portfolio, The Terrace transcends the connected living room to the outdoors by delivering on incredible innovation and immersive viewing experiences,” says Pat Bugos, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Home Entertainment, Samsung Canada.

“With new lifestyle habits continuing to evolve, Canadians are using screens to work from home, exercise using online platforms, and connect with friends and family. We believe screens should also be evolving in line with these lifestyle changes.”

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Watch outdoors or in unheated spaces

The Samsung Terrace TV is built to do battle with the sun’s brightness, so it’s got its own ultra-bright screen. Naturally it can withstand water, snow and dirt, thanks to its IP55 rating.

This means you can hang it outside in full weather on a dock, deck or patio, or use it in an unheated garage, pool house, boathouse, guest cottage. Or even install it inside an all-weather RV.

Winter temp specs

Any hardy and outdoorsy type will need the details about using this TV outside in the winter. The Terrace’s operating specs say it’s able to operate outdoors in temperatures from -30 on the low end up to about +50°C. While you likely won’t be watching hockey in your Canada Goose puffer coat outside in February, this just means the TV can survive brutal northern conditions.
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Samsung terrace soundbar also designed for outdoors

A great quality outdoor TV may be just the thing for your outside or unheated space. But it’s not much without top quality sound. Samsung has created the Terrace outdoor sound bar to solve this problem.

Samsung says the Terrace Soundbar (also IP55rated) delivers high-quality sound and a deep and clear bass from its built-in woofers. It also features distortion-cancelling technology. The Terrace Soundbar has both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, so you can even just pair your phone or table and play music for an outdoor gathering.

So gather up your friends at the appropriate distance and enjoy Monday Night Football in style, in the great outdoors!


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