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Imagine having access to the whole Porsche fleet at the tip of your fingers. Want to drive the latest 911? No problem. How about the Panamera 4, or the all-electric Taycan? Sure thing. They can all be yours by signing up for the Porsche Drive membership program.

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One of the most exciting bits of news coming from Porsche this year was their announcement of a pilot program taking place in Toronto. Porsche Drive is a paid subscription program that allows you to choose a different model car, whenever you want. Every Porsche is a marvel of design and performance. The great thing here is now you don’t have to pick just one. Porsche Drive also offers a daily or weekly rental service.

Taycan Interior

With the monthly subscription fee, users are eligible to try out every Porsche in their lineup. It’s very user-friendly and easy to enrol in the program. Go to the website to register, select the plan and duration you want, and download the app for easy convenience.

Porsche Macan Gts Sideview
Macan GTS
Porsche Macan Gts

Once you’re set up, you just click on the app, select the car and date you want it. A Porsche representative will deliver the vehicle of your choice either to your home or at work. The vehicle will arrive all fuelled up and ready to go. It’s truly a bespoke concierge service. Porsche likes to call it, “dreams on demand.”

Porsche Cayenne Gts
Cayenne GTS
Porsche Cayenne Gts Interior

Porsche understands that people have different transportation needs and desires. Want to take the family on a drive up to the cottage on the weekend? Pick the Porsche SUV of your choice. What about a fun road trip up the coast? Swap the model and take the Cayman GTS.

Swap cars as often as you like

Whatever suits your mood. It’s just a click away. And you have unlimited “flips,” so you can swap cars as often as you like.

Porsche Cayenne Gts Backend

Patrick Saint-Pierre, Manager of Public Relations at Porsche Canada says, “it’s all about options and having a Porsche without necessarily having to own one. The program is like having your own collection, which is really appealing to customers.”

So many choices, so little time

And that’s the beauty of it. There are so many choices. But here is a chance to try them all. The possibilities are endless. An added bonus is that all the cars are the latest model. And that makes it even more enticing.

Panamera Gts Sideview
Panamera GTS
Panamera Gts Interior
Panamera Gts Front View

Saint-Pierre adds, “Porsche strives to be approachable and accessible. Of course our cars are not for everyone’s budget. But if you want to treat yourself, this is a chance to sample every Porsche car in the lineup.”

911 Carrera S

Carrera S

The membership can be a pricey proposition but the plan has the benefit of being flexible. You can join month-by-month. And there is no minimum required, which is a welcome feature. As Saint-Pierre, puts it, “it’s all about making the experience enjoyable for the user.”

911 Carrera 4S
Carrera 4S
718 Cayman Roadway
718 Cayman

And if you are in a market for a new Porsche and seriously thinking of buying one, this is the perfect way to get your feet wet. There is the advantage of trying every model they have at your own pace. 

Get your feet wet

So you don’t have to worry about just taking a quick test drive at the dealership. That is a big advantage before purchasing a high-ticket item like a Porsche.

718 Cayman Gts Interior
718 Cayman GTS

There are two tiers to the Porsche Drive subscription, the Launch Tier and the Accelerate Tier. The latter gives you access to the whole fleet. Once you pay the monthly subscription fee, everything is taken care of for you. Porsche tries to make it as worry free as possible. That includes insurance, roadside assistance and personalized service. You don’t have to worry about maintenance costs, or going to the dealer to get the car serviced.

718 Boxster Gts
718 Boxter GTS

In essence you can have the Porsche of your dreams without having to be an owner. With the Drive program, Porsche is aiming to provide the ultimate driving experience for its members. The objective is to eliminate any worries, giving drivers the freedom to just enjoy the ride. And that is the height of luxury.

718 Boxster Gts Interior

What you get

Porsche Drive members get access to:

  • $5 million liability insurance policy
  • $2,500 deductible for drivers
  • Roadside assistance and maintenance
  • Personal concierge
  • Full detail washes with every flip
  • Unlimited flips
  • 2,500 km monthly distance limit, access to U.S. allowed, with a one month rollover if not all are used in any given month

There are 2 tiers to the subscription membership:

Launch Tier

  • $3200 +HST/per month
  • $750 one-time activation fee
  • 718: Porsche Cayman, Cayman S, Boxster, Boxster S
  • Porsche Macan, Macan S
  • Porsche Cayenne

Accelerate Tier

  • $4200 +HST/per month
  • $750 one-time activation fee
  • 718: Cayman GTS, Boxster GTS
  • 911: Porsche Carrera, Carrera S, 4S, and GTS, Carrera Cabriolet and S Cabriolet
  • Macan GTS
  • Cayenne S and GTS
  • Panamera, S, and GTS
  • Taycan


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