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It’s easy to be overwhelmed when you have a lot of clothes. Keeping them clean, storing them, and deciding what to wear can take a lot of your time. A cluttered closet or wardrobe will make it harder to look good when you go out. Here are some tips you can use to start organizing your wardrobe for efficiency and comfort.

Hang garments when possible

An organized wardrobe starts with knowing which garments to fold and which to hang. Delicate, lightweight fabrics that are prone to wrinkling should be hung up so they can be worn immediately. Jackets, dresses, blouses, and bags can be put on a hanger or hook to ensure they stay in good condition.

Remember, some materials are prone to stretching when hung. Wool and cotton garments can be ruined if you hang them incorrectly. Over time, they’ll lose their shape and stop fitting correctly. Using quality hangers that won’t break will ensure your items stay where they’re supposed to.

Decide on outfits ahead of time

Putting together an outfit that looks and feels good can take some time. If you plan on attending a big event or just want to be prepared, consider putting your outfits together beforehand. By being proactive, you can make a splash no matter where you’re going.

Curating your clothing so that everything matches will ensure you have enough outfits for your busy week. Learning how to start a capsule wardrobe in seven steps will enable you to interchange articles as needed to get the look you want.

Get rid of items you don’t wear

Once you’ve got an idea of which clothes match, it may be time to start pairing down your collection. Having clothes you don’t wear will make it more challenging to keep your wardrobe organized. Getting rid of unused items will make it easier to decide what you want to wear and keep things neat and clean.

The most obvious clothing items to get rid of are those that are stained, ripped, or stretched out. If there are items you rarely wear or find uncomfortable, consider discarding those as well. Focus your attention on older clothing that doesn’t match with the rest of your wardrobe.

Looking good doesn’t have to be complicated

Putting together a fashionable outfit can overwhelming, but keeping your wardrobe under control will make it easier on yourself.

Organizing your wardrobe for efficiency and comfort will ensure you look good regardless of the season. Just remember to consider your personal tastes and convenience when making your final decision.

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