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Summer’s upon us, and if you want to navigate through the unrelenting sun without being unfazed, we recommend investing in a pair of high-quality, UV-blocking shades. Men’s sunglasses are one of the most in-demand accessories for summer. But picking the right pair also has the power to effortlessly elevate your look.

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So, how do you choose which sunglasses suit you best? It starts with picking a style that complements your face shape. For example, squarer styles suit rounder faces, wider frames balance out longer features, triangular- or heart-shaped faces are accentuated with aviators. Rectangular and oval sunglasses and square-shaped faces benefit from curvy, rounder frames. From classic styles to sporty numbers, follow this simple guide to the trendiest sunglasses for men in 2020 to find your next favourite.

Angular + Square-Shaped Men’s Sunglasses

This classic shape will never retire from our accessory collection. A practical pick for rounder faces, this four-pointed pair is a must-have that will take you through many summer soirees. From square-shaped aviators to bold wayfarers, browse through our picks to see what’s trending right now.
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Men’s sunglasses: Round + Oval-Shaped

For those of you who have a square or oval face shape with angular features, we recommend investing in rounder frames and oval-shaped sunglasses. From vibrant tints to monogram prints (you need to see how Fendi is giving luxury a new meaning through their pair), there’s no dearth of experimentation that designers and brands alike are participating in to give this popular shape a new look.
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Rectangular Frames

These thin, rectangular frames have got to be Instagram’s go-to eyewear for summer. Inspired by the ‘90s and popularized in The Matrix movie series, this is another style that men with rounder face shapes can pick. From minimal black sunglasses to cut-out tinted frames, choose a pair that best defines your personal style.
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Sporty + Futuristic Sunglasses

A popular style on the runway, these sunglasses are optimized for sports like cycling. They’re heavy on both performance and style, and make an ideal pick for those looking for shades to complement their athleisure outfits.

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