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The watch has always been a symbol of reliability and style. When talking luxury watch brands, it’s an accessory that goes with any outfit and is an important part of your wardrobe. However, choosing the right watch can sometimes be tricky.

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You want to choose one that matches both your personality and the outfit you’ll be wearing it with, so they can complement each other well. This article will give you tips on how to find a watch that suits your needs and matches up with whatever outfit you put together.

Luxury watch brands: What to consider when shopping for a new timepiece

With a watch, you have the power to convey a number of different messages—and that’s just with your choice of timepiece.

If you’re shopping for a new luxury watch, or even just trying to figure out how to mix up your current collection, here are some tips for matching watches with your outfit:


The most formal watches tend to be those that are simple and minimalistic in design. A watch like this will generally feature a light-coloured face with thin hands and numbers, which makes it easy to read at a glance.

If you want something more casual than this, look for watches with colourful faces or even ones with leather straps.

Mens Fashion Watch Outfit

Your personality:

If you’re someone who likes bold colours and patterns, then go ahead and wear whatever colour watch is closest to your heart! If you’re more reserved, though, keep it simple—white or black are great choices for guys who don’t like drawing attention to themselves.

For women who want something more feminine than white or black but still want something understated, try rose gold or gold tones instead.

The occasion:

If you’re dressing up for dinner and want to look formal, it’s best to go with a dressier watch. A watch with a dainty band made of high-quality metal like silver or gold will do the trick.

Mens Fashion Watch Outfit 4


If you’re going for a more casual look, try wearing a leather strap watch with a simple t-shirt and jeans. This will give you that rugged look that is perfect for the fall season.


For business attire, consider getting a white or silver watch with a black strap. This is a classic look that will work well in any office setting and can be worn by both men and women.

Be comfortable

When you’re outfitting a watch, the first thing to keep in mind is how comfortable it will be. You should make sure that your timepiece fits well and feels good on your wrist. A tight or loose band can make wearing a watch very uncomfortable, so try on different sizes if necessary. If the watch has too much weight, it may become uncomfortable if worn for long periods of time—be sure to take this into consideration when looking at its specs!

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Match the style and look of the watch with your outfit

When you’re choosing your next exquisite timepiece, it’s important to take into account the style of your outfit. You don’t want to wear a watch that is too formal for your outfit—for example, if you’re wearing jeans and a t-shirt, it would be out of place to have on a watch that matches an evening gown.

On the other hand, if you’re wearing a suit and tie or dress slacks with suspenders (yes, those are still in style), it wouldn’t be appropriate to wear an outdoorsy hiking watch or an electronic watch.

When matching your watch with an outfit, think about how much attention you want people to pay to it. If there are other items that draw more attention than your wristwatch (say, shiny shoes), keep the styling simple so as not distract from whatever else stands out most prominently on your body or in its surroundings (e.g., loud pants).

Mens Fashion Watch Outfit 3

Luxury watch brands: Consider the weight and thickness of the timepiece

The weight and thickness of the watch are important. The watch should be light, thin, and comfortable to wear. If it’s too heavy, you’ll feel weighed down by your own wrist jewellery. Additionally, don’t be afraid to go digital or analog: both look good on their own terms as long as they fit with what you’re wearing.

If a watch is too thick or bulky on your wrist, it can make you appear like a caveman who hasn’t mastered the concept of tools yet. If the band is wide enough that someone notices it at first glance, then this may not be an issue for you, but if not, then try something simpler instead!

Consider the strap’s colour

When choosing a watch strap to match your outfit, it’s important to consider the colour of both your watch and its strap. First, take into account if you’re purchasing a new or used watch. If you are buying brand new, then consider whether the strap being sold with it will work for you or not. If not, look at other options beforehand.

Secondly, consider what colours look best on you based on your skin tone and hair colour. These will help determine whether certain watches will match well with your wardrobe in general. For example: redheads might want to stay away from black straps because they’ll wash them out; brunettes may want dark leathers; blondes can experiment with brighter hues like orange or yellow.

Match it with other jewellery and accessories

If you’re wearing a black dress, for instance, consider wearing a watch that has some gold or silver in it. This will give the whole outfit an additional pop of colour that isn’t overpowering and is also complementary to other accessories like shoes and belts.

Match it with the colour of your watch strap. If you have a leather strap on your watch, then avoid pairing it with another leather belt or anything else made from that material. This doesn’t mean that if you have metal straps then everything else needs to be metal too; just don’t mix up textures within one accessory group (like alligator skin versus crocodile skin).


Be sure to wear a watch that is comfortable and matches your outfit. The best part about wearing a watch is that it’s an accessory you can wear every day, no matter what the occasion!

Top image: Roger Federer Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day Date 40, photo from Rolex

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