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Plan your wedding, special event or your holidays this summer under a Tuscan sky. Be in awe, staying at a famed resort owned by actress, producer and entrepreneur Trudie Styler and her husband, legendary musician Sting.

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Regarding Luxury magazine interviewed Sally Fischer, founder and president of the acclaimed public relations firm, and Cynthia Brody, who handle an esteemed roster including hospitality for Sting and Trudie’s Tuscan home – Il Palagio.

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What is the minimum amount of days one can rent out the Villa?

Il Palagio looks forward to welcoming guests for the next seasons. We have established the following guidelines for guests and the length of theirs stays at the Villa: Between May 15 and September 15, Il Palagio has a 4-night minimum reservation. Before May 15 and September 15, the minimum reservation is three nights. There is no maximum limit.

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Luxury travel: Sting plays Bach, aerial video of his Tuscan estate "Il Palagio", JANKO Aerial Video

Is the price index based on a weekly rate and how much would that be?

While it is difficult to quote prices, as it depends on how many guesthouses a client is booking, the weekly rental fee to book the entire estate (four houses accommodating 31 guests) in 2022 would be €99,200 plus VAT. ($145,641.83 CDN)

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Sting and Trudie Styler have said in past interviews that the locals have very much welcomed the restoration to the Villa and the countryside. Are the locals as welcoming to the tourists?

Most definitely. The locals have been extremely pleased with the restoration of Villa Il Palagio, bringing this splendid 16th-century structure back to its original state. They have also praised Trudie and Sting for cultivating the farmland, vineyards and olive trees, bringing about a robust harvest. Tourism is considered a blessing in all of Tuscany. The region thrives on tourism. Il Palagio’s Farm Shop, located less than a kilometer from the estate, brings in tourists from all over the world.
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What are some of the more favourable features and amenities on the estate?

Il Palagio’s amenities include the large pool at the main Villa Palagio, private lakes, a tennis court, woodland hiking trails within the estate. There is an outdoor screen for movie nights (weather permitting) with access to a large DVD film collection. Il Palagio’s wine cellar, which dates back at least 200 years, is a very special location for small dinner parties and wine tastings. The Farm Shop down the road features the wines, olive oil and honey produced at Il Palagio as well as a picnic area.

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Are there wine tours on the property?

Our staff members often plan wine tastings for guests staying on the estate. Il Palagio’s 27 acres of vineyards in Tuscany produce sangiovese, canaiolo, colorino, as well as merlot and cabernet sauvignon grapes.

Wines include Il Palagio’s IGT Toscana reds, the award-winning flagship wine Sister Moon and Message in a Bottle. There’s the DOCG Chianti wine When We Dance and Casino delle Vie, and our newest wine, Baci sulla Bocca, a white IGT Toscana introduced in March 2021.

Guests can enjoy a tasting of Il Palagio’s extra virgin olive oil produced from the estate’s 8000 olive trees. They can also enjoy a tasting of the variety of honey that is harvested from the Il Palagio’s 80 hives. We also look forward to the introduction of our newest wine: a Rosato, NEW DAY. We will be tasting this refreshing rosato with our guests soon.

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Any extra tips or advice on having Americans/Canadians come and visit?

Il Palagio is a perfect vacation retreat for those who appreciate all that Tuscany has to offer. There’s the beauty of peace and quiet, lovely walks, delicious Italian meals, wine tastings – and so much more. Just come ready to appreciate all that this property has to offer and be prepared to be awed!

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Green pass

As the world hopefully heads out of this dreaded pandemic, Italy has been boosting its efforts to get the population vaccinated. See here to check vaccinations in real-time.

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Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi announced on May 4 that the country would welcome back tourists.

“I have no doubt that tourism in Italy will bounce back as strong as it was before,” said Draghi at a press conference closing the G20 Tourism meeting.

In the second half of June, a green pass will be fully operational within the EU. The green pass will allow tourists to travel across countries without quarantine restrictions. That’s as long as they can prove they have recovered from Covid-19, have been vaccinated or have tested negative recently.

Tuscany: Fields of Gold

Trips to Graceland, Abbey Road and Shakespeare’s Globe Theater have all sparked countless books, films and songs. Sting and Trudie’s Il Palagio in Tuscany is now making a mark as well, a true historical landmark.


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