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Restaurants and dining experiences are improving in big, international airports all over the world, and this is particularly true in Munich, Germany. The Luxury Lifestyle Awards has selected Mountain Hub Gourmet with an award for Best Luxury Fine Dining in Germany 2022.

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The restaurant is located in the Hilton Munich Airport. What’s so special about it? What sets it apart? Simply put, the chef of the Michelin Star Mountain Hub Gourmet leads an enthusiastic team of vibrant culinary professionals. That team is willing to push the boundaries of the dining experience. Making sure to go the extra mile, they create an atmosphere that is ideal for guests wanting to partake in lavish indulgence while nestled in supreme comfort.

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Luxury Lifestyle Awards: Taking airport food to a whole other level

Modern dishes meld with the occasional regional dish. The travel crowd are drawn by the flavourful cuisine, wine pairings, and attentive staff. That’s why it’s winning awards. The chic modern design that you see at Mountain Hub Gourmet also sets it apart.

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With the dining experience being so much more than just taste, the chef creates an ornate feast for the eyes. He presents each dish with precision and artistic flair, created by the quintessential balance of color. The aroma of the dish will carry you away before it even comes into sight. Every single flavor is complimented by the texture of the hand-selected ingredients.

Flavourful cuisine for travellers on the go

For the culinary team at the Mountain Hub Gourmet, the diversity of their menus arises from more than just the mouthwatering produce and ingredients that they are presented with. But it also comes from the enjoyment and freedom to make use of all techniques, whether it be modern or classic. Mountain Hub Gourmet uses a combination of all its techniques to infuse the dish at hand with the flavor needed to highlight the soul of their dishes.

The culinary tradition of the surrounding foothills of the Alps, and the Alpine regions of Germany, Austria and Italy are the foundations of the menu, which features white fish, trout, lamb, plaice and beef.

“We at the Mountain Hub Gourmet are honored to accept this award from the professionals at Luxury Lifestyle Awards. We feel immensely overjoyed that we can create a dining experience for our guests worthy of such recognition,” says the spokesperson of the company.

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