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From conversation to concept, the Designer Studio team continues to meet the most exacting standards when it comes to luxury interior design in the Qatar region.

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This year they have been awarded the title of The Best Luxury Interior Design Studio in Qatar by the Luxury Lifestyle Awards panel. That’s because they’ve been at the top end of the interior design industry in that region for awhile now. And they continue to pursue excellence.

So what was it that impressed the panel? For one, the Designer Studio team’s exhaustive drive to source superior materials. Plus their understanding and ability to exceed the expectations of their clients. This isn’t an easy award to win. It is often one of the Awards’ most highly competitive areas.

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Qatar is a region that has seen iconic structures such as the Tornado Tower, The Torch and Burj Qatar define the skyline. It’s an ever-evolving area of the world. So there’s a need for an interior design team that understands the luxury market in that region. The professionals there need to be able to adapt to its challenges.

Not every interior design company can pull that off. Clients at this level have higher expectations. For that reason more and more people have been coming to the Designer Studio.

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Extensive interior design portfolio

The Designer Studio’s portfolio of projects tells the story. It all starts with an understanding of luxury. That’s at their core. The portfolio shows projects both in the high-end residential and hospitality sectors. And there’s no real secret to it. The company’s success comes down to an understanding of each clients’ individual needs. They really get to know their clients, including their overall goals.

The Designer Studio only uses products that perform beautifully for the residential market. The products sourced for the commercial setting offer durability for the client.

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Sumptuous living rooms and bedrooms

Designer Studio calls on a wide network of high-end suppliers to really explore the luxury market. It’s all about thoughtful combinations of materials and aesthetics. That’s what they’ve built a reputation of excellence on. Their projects vary. It can be creating a dream family home or taking on larger hospitality projects. Designer Studio can provide clients with a confident and capable interior design team. Bottom line? They take time to understand their client’s objectives.

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Designer Studio creates contemporary versions of Majlis, which are special gathering places. They design sumptuous living and bedrooms. The team takes a curated approach to interior design. Attention is paid to every detail. And that means they are able to adapt easily to challenges while defining modern luxury spaces.

“Since its start Designer Studio wanted to be at the forefront of creating outstanding interiors. We have worked to reflect the diverse structures and materials that surround us here in Qatar,” says Shaikha Al-Sulaiti, the Creative Director at Designer Studio. “We were thrilled to learn we had won this year’s award. It recognizes the diligent eye for detail that each member of the team brings to each project. That’s while understanding the individuality of our clients.”

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