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Largely revered, worshipped and hankered after, the original Acura NSX sports car was a rude awakening to the supercar makers. It was also a blatant showcase of what Acura/Honda can do when it decides to make a proper fast car. The styling was inspired by a fighter jet and it had inputs from none other than F1 World Champion, Ayrton Senna himself. Endorsements do not come much higher than this.

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Hence, the original NSX was a pure supercar with a wonderful V6 motor along with a slick manual stick shift gearbox. The characteristic pop-up headlamps and that shape still remains a bona-fide design classic. The NSX lived a long life when it continued onto the naughties but it took Acura many years to come up with a replacement. The new NSX hasn’t had the same recall or the love but its more complicated power train set-up made it an all weather supercar with hybrid power.

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Harder, faster and more aggressive, and they sold out fast

That said, just when Acura were closing the chapters to this particular NSX, it chose to give it a fitting farewell with the Type S. This is a harder, faster and more aggressive looking NSX with a sense of conviction similar to the original model. With only 350 of them being made and 300 units destined for the U.S., the Type S quickly sold out after a debut at the Monterey Car Week.

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The rarity, enhanced power and its sharper styling seems to have rekindled the magic into the NSX name yet again. The 2022 NSX Type S gets a more powerful twin-turbo V6 coupled with a three-motor hybrid system. Total power stands at 600 bhp (around 608 HP). Add in a myriad of lightweight upgrades like carbon ceramic brakes, interior, engine cover and you get a proper hardened supercar with no slack.

The rarity, enhanced power and its sharper styling seems to have rekindled the magic into the NSX name yet again.

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The Acura NSX Type S belongs on a track

A 9-speed DCT does the shifting for you while it has a complicated all-wheel drive system. That said, there is an all new “Rapid Downshift Mode” where you can downshift aggressively and hold revs. A lot of aerodynamics also have been applied while the altered design does remove the bulbous GT car pretensions of the standard car.

The new nose is sharper with angular air-intakes along with the fact that a larger rear diffuser, bespoke tires all hint that it something which belongs to a track. The interior is festooned with Alcantara and Type S logos everywhere — just to remind you what you’re driving.

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The $170,000 base price is largely irrelevant since you cannot buy one anyways. But the Type S reinforces that Acura still can make a hard edged 911 fighter. And it evokes the spirit of the original NSX which gave the likes of Ferrari and Porsche a bit of a fright.

What we like

Sharper styling and an enhanced sense of purpose towards being a hard-edged supercar. More power and lightweight trickery helps as well.

What we do not like

It is a limited edition that would most likely be locked away in a temperature controlled garage. Also still has a lot of complication which is unlike the original NSX.

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This is the NSX that it should have been all along. And at least this model is going away being recognized as somewhat of a true successor to the iconic first gen model.

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