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With the exodus from big cities underway thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, home security technology is becoming more important. Apartment and condo dwellers probably had very little to worry about in the way of home security. That’s thanks to controlled entries plus concierge and security personnel on site.

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But as more people opt to buy homes in smaller cities and towns, it’s good to be aware of what’s out there in terms of technology. It’s all about keeping your home, garage and vehicles secure. Everything starts with a house alarm and technology is getting better there. Whether you’re looking to keep tabs on Amazon packages, or to provide video evidence of a break and enter, smart home security gadgets are key. The good news is, you can arm your home yourself with these smart, wireless devices.

Video doorbells

When a package gets left at your door, it’s good to know. That’s especially true if you are working at home, in a basement office. Amazon package thefts are on the rise. So knowing a delivery is there, and being able to see it so you can retrieve it is important. That’s where video doorbells come in.

With most video doorbells, like Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell, Ring Video Doorbell 3 or Toucan Video Doorbell you can see who’s ringing your doorbell. But you can also see who’s outside even if the person doesn’t ring. Motion detectors are built in and this triggers video recording, so you have peace of mind and can always see who’s there.

Google Nest Hello Product

Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell

Toucan Doorbell


Wireless outdoor cameras

A video doorbell is a great piece of home security technology. But it can only reach so far. That’s where wireless outdoor cameras can help. Devices like Ring Spotlight Cam can be placed literally anywhere. It could go along the side of your home, outside the garage or to watch over a dark alley.

They turn on at the first sign of motion so you’ll always have a recording of what’s happening. And you can view events live too. Plus, Ring for example also offers solar panels for constant power so you never need to worry about batteries or outages.

Smart lighting

Cameras can only do so much. While many security cameras today have night vision, good lighting can help make your home less of a target in the first place.

Smart connected lighting like Ring Smart Lighting can not only detect motion and turn powerful lights on, it will also integrate into your home, turning on nearby Ring cameras to record what’s going on. These lights are battery powered so they can be placed anywhere—with no wires.

Ring Smart Lightin Lifestyle Smart Path Light Black Ms 1 Copy

Ring smart lighting

Smart locks

Anyone who’s ever forgotten their keys knows how un-fun it is being locked out. A smart door lock can prevent this, but it has many more added benefits.

Smart door locks allow you to see who’s coming or going, since you can assign specific entry codes to your family members, visitors or even tradespeople. Kids late for curfew? You’ll know up to the minute what time they actually got in.

With most smart door locks you can also set the access times they can be used. That means even if someone has a passcode, they can only use it during the hours you designate. Brands to consider here include Weiser Premis and August.

Weiser Premis 2

Weiser Premis

August Home Lock

August home lock

Sensors: motion, water, temperature

Most smart home security kits offer door and window sensors or motion sensors. But did you know you can also get sensors to keep tabs on many other household concerns?

A water sensor can help you detect and react to leaks before major damage is done. These tend to come in two configurations. There is a built-in option that is installed by a plumber into your main water line (Flo by Moen is one example). Then there are moisture sensors that can be placed on the floor of a basement that will alert you if water is detected.

Plenty of home security options

Temperature sensors (Google Nest or Eve Room are two examples) can save your pipes from freezing if, for example, your furnace shuts down while you’re out of town.

Of course, it’s also now possible to also get a whole home security alarm system (Ring has just updated its Alarm kit) that’s completely DIY and wire-free too.

Depending on how security conscious you are, there’s plenty of home security technology options to secure your property for the long run.



Ring Video Doorbell Lifestyle Doorbell One Satinnickel Door Blue 2A.psd Cropped

Ring video doorbell

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