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When you start your own family, safety, security, and happiness are your top priorities. All three of these will entirely depend on where you live. North Carolina ranks among the more desirable U.S.-based locations for real estate investment.

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New Bern is a North Carolina city that was founded in 1710. The city is home to wonderful historic churches, incredible shopping outlets, fine dining, and so much more. 

Interesting history

Did you know that New Bern is the second-oldest city in North Carolina? New Bern has been around for hundreds of years. As you can imagine, there’s a whole lotta history that comes with it. The city boasts four historic districts, with many of its homes, buildings, and churches dating back centuries.

New Bern is also home to a selection of museums that are perfect for the whole family. When you’ve got some free time, you can keep the kids occupied by taking them to one. Some of the most visited museums in the city include Tyron Palace and New Bern Firemen’s Museum. Just make sure to check opening times and admission fees to avoid disappointment.

North Carolina: Plenty of diversity

When looking for somewhere new to live, many families like the idea of immersing themselves around people with diverse backgrounds and cultures. New Bern prides itself on its diversity. While it’s a relatively small patch with a population of just over 30,000, the community is very welcoming.

In fact, the latest Census states that half of New Bern’s demographic is its diversity. When you mingle with the locals, you’ll get to learn more about their traditions, pastimes, and experiences which can truly broaden your horizons.

Range of housing options

When you have your brood in tow, you’ll need to find a property that accommodates you all and gives you room to breathe. Whether you’ve got a newborn or toddlers running riot, picking the right property can be difficult. The great thing is New Bern has dozens of neighborhoods and unincorporated communities that offer something for everyone.

You have the option to pick a palatial historic home or even a special waterfront property. Check out EZ Home Search where you can investigate the area? They have plenty of New Bern homes for sale that could be the perfect fit for you and the family. Make sure you’ve got a budget in mind before you start the process.

Great schools

If you decide on making New Bern your new home, you’ll be served by the Craven Country Schools system. They invest in students’ futures by providing training and courses which reflect the skills needed by the workforce both in Craven and neighboring counties.

Schools across New Bern are committed to giving learners the best tools, software, and teaching to help students thrive and be a success. To help find the right school in the neighborhood, it’s a good idea to visit in-person first. Make sure to compare education facilities so you can be confident with your final decision and have your child’s welfare at heart.

Natural attractions

Are you and the family lovers of nature? If so, New Bern is the place for you. In a nutshell, it’s a nature lover’s haven. The city’s waterways and rivers are must-visits. These include Brices Creek, Trent and Neuse Rivers, and Catfish Lake, with many of these outdoor areas providing opportunities for swimming, canoeing, kayaking, and fishing. You could even have a spot of hiking, hunting, or biking – the choice is up to you.

New Bern has several parks and gardens dotted across the city too. When spring and summer roll into town, you’ll want to have outdoor places where you can take the kids. Not only will they have an outlet to roam free, but they’ll be also getting that much-needed vitamin D too.

Foodies paradise

When residing in New Bern, you’ve got to venture out and dine at one of the many brilliant restaurants. Some of the most popular restaurants in New Bern include The Chelsea, Bay Leaf, and Morgan’s Tavern and Grill. Each of these eateries comes with its own food specialties. If you’re moving to New Bern with your partner too, provided you’ve got childcare sorted out, there are many fine dining areas you can go to for a once-in-a-blue-moon date night.

The kids will be happy to know there are plenty of chain food restaurants too, like McDonald’s. Many restaurants around New Bern include classic fare like seafood and steak. Regardless of your taste buds, you’re sure to find eateries that are suitable for foodies and fussy eaters.

Wonderful art displays

Those into their arts and crafts will like this one. New Bern is home to a selection of art galleries and studios. There, you can view some stunning creations by local artists around the city. Popular spots include ArtWalk, Bank of the Arts, Bear Hands Art Factory, and Community Arts Gallery & Studios.

What’s more, many of these establishments are great to take the kids along too. Those who like to paint themselves could have a go at making their own pieces which could be proudly displayed.

Thriving downtown scene

Whether you’ve got the kids by your side or you want some alone time, you’ll have plenty of chances to head down to New Bern’s downtown scene. This area is filled with distinctly rich history and friendly locals. When you head downtown, there are lots of quaint cafes and restaurants to grab a bite to eat and antique stores.

What may fascinate you is New Bern is the birthplace of Pepsi! For soda lovers, you’ve got to grab a can and take a gulp while you’re in the city, right? There are plenty of events that take place in downtown New Bern throughout the year too.

Sports galore

Are you an active family? If so, you’ll like New Bern’s sports scene. There are plenty of outlets across the city where you and your kids can have a game of baseball, golf, or tennis – there’s plenty of choice.

Simply find a park near to you and you’re sure to find other residents engaging in sports. This can be a great way to introduce yourself to the community and potentially make long-lasting friendships. Playing sports with your kids can be an excellent opportunity for bonding too.

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