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Whether you want to travel by first class and frequent the world’s top hotels, or you’re keen to attend a major event and be treated to some high-end extras, we all enjoy a VIP experience from time to time. In fact, for people who don’t do things by halves, VIP offerings are a go-to option as they enable them to feel special and provide a more memorable occasion.

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There are certainly a number of VIP experiences on offer in the modern world, particularly given the rise of technology. People can even stay indoors and enjoy a VIP online casino gaming package, as well as have the opportunity of hiring a private chef through a smartphone application for a VIP home dining experience. It’s the public events that perhaps cater to a VIP adventure best, though, particularly as large events like to offer extras for VIPs, be it a preview of a new track from a musician or a downloadable ebook featuring comments from a panel discussion. A VIP can even stream an occasion if they can’t make a specific event, too.

Although competition is strong, and it can be hard to provide the ultimate VIP experience given some of the discerning customers out there, there are some basic things to consider when creating a VIP package. Let’s take a look at some of them below.

Focus on creating a night to remember

Essentially, the main aim of a VIP experience is to make sure that everyone in attendance feels like they’re celebrities at a red-carpet event. As such, it’s important that your main focus is on making sure that they’re feeling special at all times. From a glamorous awards ceremony to having a world-famous guest in attendance, there are a number of things you can implement in order to create some extra sparkle and help increase the number of smiles in a room. If you can give your VIP guests a night to remember, then they’ll recommend it to a friend or even come back again themselves.


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Access all areas

The main reason why people want to immerse themselves in a VIP experience is because they want something other people at the event don’t get. With that in mind, be sure to give them access to all areas so they can enjoy some special treatment. For example, a VIP party of guests can have private access to a particular guest where they can all ask questions away from the main crowd.

Additionally, they might be offered special food and drink that isn’t on offer in the main area of the event. You might even want to give your VIPs some various treats that aren’t being offered to the general admission crowd also, such as vouchers and free gifts.

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Spark interest

Sometimes, in order to spark interest and get people speculating, many event organizers keep the identities of any special guests private. While you can suggest that there will be a special personality making an appearance, the mystery surrounding a potentially huge star will create a wave of intrigue. This type of incentive also feeds into your guests feeling special and having an opportunity people with regular tickets simply don’t have.

Premium is everything

Another key ingredient when assessing a successful VIP experience is an event organizer’s ability to make sure that almost every element of a specific event is upgraded. For instance, make sure there are exclusive areas for VIP guests to relax, as well as an area where people can charge their phones, bathrooms with a VIP feel, and even cordoned-off viewing areas where only VIP guests are allowed a spot.

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