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The 2022 Toronto International Film Festival has kicked off a 12th year with a ton of fanfare around films and their stars. Regarding Luxury was there to cover how TIFF celebrity gift bags measure up compared to other film festivals around the world.

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Taylor Swift attended an in-person TIFF event called “In Conversation with Taylor Swift” @ TIFF Bell Lightbox on Friday and a host of other celebrities descended on The Six for the spotlight. Oprah Winfrey, Zac Efron, Jennifer Lawrence, Daniel Craig, and Harry Styles and a whole host of A-List celebrities made appearances over the weekend. You can bet they’ll all walk away with one of the rich “swag bags” put together exclusively by GLO Communications.

Bask It Style @ Royal York 2022 25

TIFF “Welcome to Toronto” gift bags

GLO Communications PR founder Jessica Glover said VIP Bask-It-Style gift bags are “welcome-to-Toronto” presents awaiting select celebrities in their hotel rooms at check in. Celebrity gift baskets are driven by companies’ hopes celebrities will be seen using their products. So how do Toronto International Film Festival Gift bags compare to the gift bags of other major film festivals around the world?

Bask It Style @ Royal York 2022 277
Bask It Style @ Royal York 2022 148

Cannes is known for its opulent celebrity gift bag worth up to $70,000, containing trips to Saint Lucia, spas, watches, perfume and more, and celebs walk away from Venice Film Festival with a boat load of goodies after a visit to the celebrity gifting lounge there.

Past suite gifts for celebrities have been Zebu Bones Bracelets and one-of-a-kind African inspired necklaces by Ethos, as well as amazing Swarovski Crystal’s embellished dresses. There was also free Lasik surgery, a $6,600 value, courtesy of world-renowned surgeon Dr. Glenn A. Kawesch and selected stars walked away with a total close to $35,000 in gifts.

But it’s not all spoiled selfish, as celebrities at film festivals often have ample opportunities to make donations to charity. Sundance for example once spotlighted a local women’s shelter and raised money for phone cards for soldiers.

Beware the “ambush marketers”

But let’s reveal the details of the TIFF swag given to VIP celebrities (Jessica wouldn’t say who) at this year’s 2022 Toronto International Film Festival! Jessica says certain TIFF celebrities get a vegan tote bag or backpack made by Canadian-based eco-friendly brand Matt & Nat.

The value of the trendy, olive green gift bag is worth about $1,059. It arrives packed with goods by the best brands at TIFF. A wide array of Canadian brands are featured at TIFF 2022 including TORONTO popcorn company and others like Ren Premium Vodka, Kit and Ace clothing, Brown’s, Soda Stream, David’s Tea, Matt & Nat, eco-friendly, vegan SooAE New York, Fairmont Royal York, Sunday Market, Pascoe Natural Healthcare and L’Oreal Paris.

Bask It Style @ Royal York 2022 181
Bask It Style @ Royal York 2022 127

Robert Redford famously criticized the vulture culture of what he called “ambush marketers” on celebrities at Sundance Film Festival he founded as a showcase for independent film “without all the commercial trappings of Hollywood”. TIFF represents a refreshing change from excessive opulence hurled at the already A-List.

TIFF gift bags geared more at the eco-friendly

It appears the Toronto International Film Festival is bucking the trend by gifting eco-friendly, green and far more discreet gifts to VIP guests. To keep every hair in place on the red carpet L’Oreal Paris gifts celebrities with their iconic hair spray included in every bag. TIFF celebrity swag bags are packed with everything for a celebrity to go totally “zen” after the glitz and glam of TIFF including vitamins, serums, delicious teas and extremely soft Kit and Ace clothes.

The 47th edition Toronto International Film Festival – 11 days of international and Canadian cinema, special events featuring the biggest names in film, and TIFF’s Industry Conference, offering diverse and innovative perspectives on the art and business of film.

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