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New build properties have something of a controversial reputation by default. They are often assumed to have more problems, much to the detriment of the real estate developers responsible for them or the buyers stuck with them.

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Moreover, homebuyers can often fear their own judgement during this testing time too. Many mistakes can be made in pursuit of a purchase of a new build property. Each one is costly, from failing to research developers to not hiring specialists to assess quality.

That said, it’s not all doom and gloom in the homebuying arena for new builds. Real estate developers have agency in these circumstances and can dismantle much of the stigma. Below are some insights on how they can do that.

Reviewing building regulations

Building a home isn’t something one improvises. Developers need to not only heed their own expertise, but they need to refer to building regulations throughout the process regularly.

Fire safety must be thought about closely. Can cladding be removed? Are the electrics integrated seamlessly? Ventilation, drainage, and sound considerations should also be strong factors in the planning process. All of these factors have their own rulebooks that must be studied intensively by the development staff.   

Specialists should also be brought in to ascertain the quality of the structure and whether any negative environmental impact is possible. Recommended changes should be heeded. Ultimately, developers can only hope to succeed if they adopt and remain true to a perfectionist approach to new build construction.

Secure a building warranty

Some developers assume they can forego building warranties as they are not legally required. Neglecting this part of the process can greatly hamper their odds of making a sale.

Despite there being no hard-fast law in place, many people simply won’t touch a new build property without legal assurances first. It’s also commonplace for lenders and banks to demand them, and they’ll refuse to offer mortgages associated with the property unless a building warranty is in place first.

Building warranties come in different shapes and sizes. They will vary in quality between providers, so for a reliable deal, developers should visit This broker has access to the most competitive quotes and policies available, offered by major building warranty providers only. Once they have those assurances in tow, a sale for their new build is far more likely.

Real estate developers: Stay in touch

Dubious developers disappear into the nether the minute homebuyers move in. They can’t be contacted at all, let alone negotiated with.

Conversely, responsible developers will know that this behaviour is unethical and avoid it on that basis. Moreover, they’ll also respect that homebuyers are now more savvy about their rights than ever before and rightly have high expectations around the property they receive. They’re also more likely to have greater standards around a developer’s conduct.

Therefore, developers should stay in touch with the new homeowners in case there are any issues to report and resolve. They should remain patient and empathetic should there be problems. A willingness to step in during those circumstances should also be keenly felt. In the end, the best businesses in any sector are happy to play a supporting role for as long as needed to keep customers happy.

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