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France is a beautiful and diverse country that’s rich in culture, history, and style. From bustling busy cities, idyllic Mediterranean beaches, bohemian cafes, a thriving art scene, and much more, there is something for all visitors to the country. Here are our top places to visit France.

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Travel to France: Paris

Travel Paris

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The French capital has far more than the Eiffel Tower. From the artistic haunts of Montmartre and the Latin Quarter to the burlesque history of the Moulin Rouge to the pomp and pizzazz of the Palace of Versailles, the so-called ‘city of love’ has something to cater to all tastes.

Paris is also particularly rich in museums. You’ll most likely have heard of the Musee d’Orsay, the Louvre, and the Pompidou Centre, but there are lots of lesser-known museums that are definitely worth a visit. There are individual museums dedicated to artists such as Monet, Rodin, and Picasso, and there’s even a museum exploring the history of the city’s sewer system. For those with a taste for the macabre, take a journey underground and explore the Paris Catacombs; a network of tombs located underneath the city’s streets.

There is also the Pere Lachaise Cemetery, which is the Paris equivalent of London’s Highgate Cemetery and is the final resting place of numerous famous figures such as Oscar Wilde and The Doors’ Jim Morrison.

La Plagne

This ski resort in the Alpine Valley is ideal for those seeking adventure as well as those looking to relax. As the location of some of the region’s most diverse and impressive skiing areas, La Plagne is a vast area that spans over 225 km of pistes. The season generally runs from December to April, but you should always check the snow forecast for La Plagne before you book anything.

Although La Plagne is predominantly known for its skiing, visitors can also enjoy other winter sports. Have a shot on the skeleton at the Olympic Bobsleigh Track, ride a skidoo, take part in dog-sledding on the slopes of the Dou du Praz, or take part in horse-drawn sleds in Champagny-en Vanoise. If you find yourself tiring of winter sports though, you can always relax and reset your mind in one of the area’s many spas.

Travel La Plagne France

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Famed for its wine growing, the port city of Bordeaux is situated on the Garonne River. Considered the wine capital of the new Aquitaine region, the city is rich in vineyards, so it’s perhaps unsurprising to hear that many tourists visit Bordeaux chiefly for the wine it produces. However, Bordeaux has much more to offer visitors than just wine.

The city is renowned for its impressive architecture, for instance the gothic Saint Andre Cathedral and the neoclassical Grand Theatre. Those who love art and culture are also in for a treat in Bordeaux as the city hosts a number of museums and galleries. These include the Museum of Fine Arts, the Aquitaine Museum, and many more. 

Travel Bordeaux France

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French Riviera

Also known as the Cote d’Azur, the French Riviera is a sun-worshippers’ paradise. Rub shoulders with the rich and famous in Monte Carlo or channel the jet set of the 1960s and mix with the glitterati in Saint Tropez or Cannes. The stunning province enjoys a pleasant climate, with gorgeous summers and relatively mild winters. This makes the French Riviera an idyllic holiday destination for those looking to escape and relax.

But it’s not just sun and sandy beaches – the region is home to the French city of Nice, where there are museums celebrating artists such as Matisse and Chagall. There are also museums dedicated to sports, archaeology, and others.

Travel French Riviera France

Photo by Nathan Shingleton from Pexels

Travel to France: Something for everyone

France has a host of incredible places that are worth visiting. From the stylish streets of Paris to Alpine slopes to glamorous beaches to lush vineyards, there’s something for all visitors to France.


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