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You’ve been seeing someone for a while and you’re faced with the need to buy your first gift for that special person. Where do you start?

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It can be overwhelming trying to think of the perfect first present for a partner. You want to make sure that you create a lasting impression while showing them that you’ve put thought into your chosen gift. Whether it’s for your one-month anniversary or an upcoming birthday – or you simply want to appeal to their love language of gift-giving – these ideas will help you to find a suitable gift for your partner.

Gift ideas for her: Jewellery

Jewellery is a timeless gift – and it will always be gratefully received. Whether you choose a watch, a set of earrings or a necklace, your partner is bound to see the thought and care that you’ve put into the purchase.

Simple yet personal choices are a safe bet in these early stages. Ahead of your purchase, get to know what their favourite types of jewellery are. Pay attention to the pieces that they wear and style with their outfits. You could even splash out on matching pieces, from tennis bracelets to chains. When planning your budget, bear in mind that if you choose a designer watch, for instance, you may want to consider watch insurance for a little peace of mind to back up its sentimental value.

When choosing a gift for her, consider the range of high-quality gold jewelry available that’s sure to impress. These fairly priced alternatives offer an excellent opportunity to convey your message with a touch of elegance in styles that range from understated to spectacular.


Fragrances allow you to elevate your look a little differently, with a touch of luxury. If you know that your partner loves a particular type of scent, from light and floral to deep and musky, you can use this knowledge to your advantage to find a special fragrance for them.

There are plenty of online guides to help you to seek out the right product. On top of this, many fragrance retailers offer personalised services to identify the perfect scent. A partner who can tell that you’ve gone above and beyond to find the perfect product will be deeply appreciative.

Wedding handkerchiefs

For something truly unique, consider gifting a wedding handkerchief. This heartfelt choice is not only practical for those emotional moments but can be personalized with embroidery, transforming it into a sentimental memento of the big day.
Available in a variety of fabrics like lace or cotton, there’s a style for every taste. It’s an unconventional but thoughtful gift. A wedding handkerchief is a clear show of attention to detail and personal consideration that will be treasured. It’s a meaningful keepsake that’s bound to touch the heart of your loved one.


If your loved one can’t get enough of clever tech, then a gadget is sure to go down a treat. This is a great opportunity to fill any gaps if you feel that they’re missing a practical gadget that will make things easier for them on a day-to-day basis.

This might look like earbuds or a set of good-quality headphones for music lovers. Perhaps a Dyson air-wrap for someone who loves the blow-dried look could be a great shout. Homeware gadgets can be another useful route to go down. Think home projectors, high-quality speakers or cooking equipment for the kitchen. Any particularly expensive gifts, though, would be better suited once your relationship is a little more established.

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