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A pause on travelling has made luxury travellers even more keen to plan their next getaway. And what matters the most is not where you choose to go, but how and what you would like to experience there. Making your next trip different will bring variety to your usual vacation routine, which will ensure you will remember it for a long time.

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Today we have picked out four of the most amazing luxury travel experiences that will provide you with plenty of inspiration and excitement for your next trip.

Wellness retreats

The world of wellness has had a huge impact on the luxury travel sector and as a result many travel companies have expanded their offer. For example, wellness retreats have grown in popularity, as they cater to all tastes. Whether you are looking for a rural escape or a private fitness experience, there are plenty of wellness retreats you can explore.

These retreats offer a variety of activities, such as hiking, kayaking, wild swimming, and mountain biking. Staying active, trying new activities and meeting new people have become increasingly important for luxury travellers. The desire to refocus on yourself and develop healthy habits has caused a surge in wellness and health tourism.

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Luxury yachts

If you are looking to change the way you travel, this may be the perfect time to try a luxury yacht, which boasts plenty of amenities. At The Yacht Market, you can find boats for sale and indulge in a truly luxurious travel experience. In today’s busy world leisure time has become rare and sometimes you may not be able to book a long holiday.

When you finally have a chance to step out of your usual routine, it is always best to have uninterrupted time with your loved ones. This is how investing in one of these boats for sale can help you enjoy complete privacy and relaxation.

Vida Yacht - Jeff Brown

Image: Vida yacht, Jeff Brown image, courtesy Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show


Stargazing is another great opportunity to focus on your mental wellbeing. The health benefits of stargazing will allow you to relieve stress and be mindful. It can also be the perfect educational holiday that you can take with your family. As light pollution often obstructs the view in most cities, a stargazing session will allow you to reconnect with nature and get a glimpse of beautiful night skies.

Thankfully, there are many destinations where light pollution is limited and you can plan an exciting stargazing trip. It may also be beneficial to book a session with an astronomer, who can provide you with useful information. This way, you will not only be able to unwind and recharge your batteries, but you will also learn new skills.

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Slow travel

Slow travel is an approach to tourism which focuses on developing a strong connection to local culture, people, music and cuisine. After years of flitting from country to country, this luxury travel experience has become more popular. It involves experiencing the authentic side of a destination and exploring the surroundings in more detail.

As a result, high-end travellers have also begun searching for less crowded and quieter places for their next holiday. Not only will this movement minimize your impact on the environment, but it can also help you create unforgettable experiences during your holidays.

Bmw M850 California

BMW M850i along the California coast

Top image: Courtesy Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, Montecarlo Yachts MCY 76 Skylounge

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