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We Canadians are a hearty sort. That’s most on display during the teeth of the winter months, which we are heading into. We want a vehicle that’s safe in what can be difficult driving conditions. But we don’t want to sacrifice comfort. The 2022 BMW X3 M40i scores on those points and is easily the best BMW for snow.

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Are BMWs even good in the snow? This one certainly is. BMW did an overall refresh of the X3, and we liked a lot of it. Serious practicality with a dash of luxury thrills is how we would summarize the X3 M40i​. Winter driving became our focus after watching the news of the icy winter blast out of Virginia where drivers were stuck in their cars along a 50-mile-long traffic jam for 24 hours. What would you do in a situation like that? And you are prepared for it?

With all that in mind, here is our 2022 BMW X3 M40i, providing five solid reasons to climb behind the wheel of the X3 M40i this winter (Besides the basic – we don’t need to remind you to put winter tires on those 21-inch M wheels, do we?). If you are not quite ready for this level of luxury, you can also check out our entry-level luxury cars here.

The interior of the 2022 BMW X3 M40i

Driving the BMW X3 is a truly luxurious motoring experience.​ God forbid you end up stuck in a 24-hour jam like those poor souls in Virginia. Interior comfort does come more into play during winter driving. With the BMW X3 M40i, there’s a new infotainment set-up and gauge cluster. Wireless ApplePlay and Android Auto, the usual tech support features like BMW Assist, Drive Recorder, and Highway Drive Assist, and other driver assist features off the 12.3-inch display lead the way. The main dial was well-positioned in the interior cabin, easily accessible with my elbow on the rest, as I flipped through the Sirius XM stations.

Overall, BMW X3M40i iDrive interface checks all the boxes for a modern-day luxury vehicle infotainment system. Bluetooth connectivity, WiFi hotspot, USD charge ports, and a wireless smartphone charging pad (optional) are part of the package. The Harman/Kardon Surround Sound System shut out all the outside noise.

Bmw X3 M40I 5

The new SUV features eBoost, a 48v hybrid system, which electronics in the X3 run off of. The interior is spacious and well laid out, even compared to the next level up X5. I loved the Fiona Red/Black Merino Leather, upscale design of the interior.

And seat comfort is another plus. I have read some so-so reviews on the seats in the X3, but put me in the other camp. 10-way, power-adjustable front seats, lumbar support, plush enough cushioning on all the seats, including the back row, means there’s never issues finding a comfortable position.

Bmw X3 M40I 6
Bmw X3 M40I 7

Safety and driver assist features

The BMW X3 M40i 2022 price is $84,335​ (as tested, it starts at $66,990), and $2,000 of that goes into the Advanced Driver Assistance Package. Over the years, particularly on long drives from Toronto to New York, and Vancouver to Los Angeles, driver safety features in BMW vehicles have been something we’ve leaned on.

In this vehicle there are the standard options – standard automated emergency braking with forward-collision warning, lane-departure warning, and adaptive cruise control. With the Advanced package, add in features like Traffic Jam Assistant, Driving Assistant Professional, Steering and Lane Control, Emergency Stop Assist, Evasion Aid, Cross-roads Warning. Well worth the extra investment for peace of mind in winter conditions.

Bmw X3 M40I 3

Power and drive modes

There’s a good amount of power to it – 382 horsepower, 369 lb-ft torque, 3L turbo inline 6 cylinder and a 48V hybrid (which was added to the power train) with eight-speed automatic. It’s a real gutsy turbo engine. There are different drive modes (Sport, Sport Plus, Comfort, Eco Pro) and all-wheel drive. Sport mode sends more power to the back. Zero-to-60 mph in about 4.5 seconds.

Storage space

We mention this one because in the winter you want to load up the back with all your long-drive backups – bottled water, shovel, blankets, food – in case you get stuck. The Red Cross has a good winter driving checklist here. In the BMW, fold all the seats down and there’s lots of room – around 20 carry-on bags will fit.

Bmw X3 M40I 11

Panoramic sunroof

Why do we mention the sunroof? It is yet another reason why the X3 is the best BMW for snow.​ There’s no better show than to watch a white landscape in late afternoon, near dusk, huge puffs of snow lazily drifting down. You want as many vantage points as you can get for the show, but your brain never fully absorbs the enormity of it. A panoramic sunroof sure helps though.

Explore the BMW X3 M40i SUV and other luxury motor vehicles by following our luxury motoring blogs.

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