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If you wear contacts, chances are you’ve seen the ever-growing trend of coloured lenses. While the coloured lens market might seen incredibly niche, amazingly, the coloured contact lens market is worth $5.4 billion worldwide, and is growing at a meteoric 9.9%. Coloured lenses are a growing business, in terms of eye care, but before you buy a set to replace your tired irises, here’s everything you need to know about this fledgling style choice.

Eye care: Why are coloured lenses so popular?

Coloured contact lenses are a booming fashion statement, and as you might imagine, celebrities and influencers have very much been leading the vibrant-vision vanguard and leaving a trail of star-cross-eyed fans in their wake.

Queen of IG, Kylie Jenner has been seen sporting coloured lenses in a wide range of shades including grey and green, matching these with cutting edge makeup looks. We’ve also seen Kim K borrowing the style with deep brown lenses, as well as Beyonce’s blue and hazel contacts. Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Zendaya – the list goes on!

What colour lens colours are available?

The range of coloured contact lenses available is huge, so it’s certain you’ll be able to find something to match your style.

Yes, you can get unconventional colours, such as purple, pink, and yellow, that can create bold and unique looks. However, the most popular colours include blue, green, hazel, and grey, which are best for enhancing your natural eye colour or giving you a taste of what your eyes might have looked like had your genetics been that touch different.

4 key tips for selecting the right lenses to enhance your appearance

When you’re looking for the right lenses, there are a few key factors to consider in order to ensure you get the right pair:

  • Skin tone – Eyes can benefit from brighter lenses if the wearer has a darker skin tone, and vice versa.
  • Hair colour – Consider a colour wheel when choosing colours. Make sure they match well.
  • Personal style – Are you all-out or pared-back when it comes to fashion? Bold lenses are better for the latter, natural the former.
  • Occasion – Rave? Go for brighter, more lurid and shocking colours. Fancy evening? Go naturelle.

How can you keep your eyes safe?

Always purchase coloured contact lenses from a reputable source. The best will typically offer them with a prescription.

Once you have your mitts on them follow lens hygiene properly, cleaning and storing the lenses according to the manufacturer’s instructions and discarding them when they’re past it.

Coloured lenses are a sweet way to add that extra layer of style depth to your look. Do you wear coloured contacts? Let us know your favourite colours, brands, and style tips in the comments section below.

Top photo by Amanda Dalbjörn on Unsplash

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