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The automotive industry is moving at a rapid pace and grappling with the onslaught of technology. Emissions, rules, and the need to embed even more speed is driving carmakers to have more complicated powertrains.

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Every new car needs to be fast but it also needs to be more environmentally friendly as well. Both are a double-edged sword as one must resort to batteries and electric motors to quench this thirst for speed along with proclaiming as the fastest.

Bmw M2 3

BMW M2: More horsepower

The BMW M2 on the other hand is wonderfully different and is perhaps one of the few to fly the flag for the analogue sports car. You want a sports car because of the experience that it provides and not simply because of the speed that it gives.

The 0-100 km/h time does not matter and the M2 is not the fastest around also but it does not care. Here, things are simpler with a classic straight six along with turbos which enable it to produce more than horsepower.

Bmw M2 6

Tried and tested rear-wheel drive

However, it is not the power but the compact size and the 6-speed manual gearbox that makes the M2 stand apart from the crowd. The M2 reminds you of the original M3 in terms of mechanical purity and adheres to the tried and tested rear wheel drive layout along with a long hood plus a short deck.

It is pumped-up wheel arches and the wide track enables it to be a muscular sports coupe but the styling is not here just to please the eyes. It is not a conventional poster car but has aggression while being slightly longer than the previous generation models.

Bmw M2 2

BMW M2: Last of a breed

You need to strap in though to really understand the appeal of the M2. It is a visceral machine with an analogue outlook towards how it deploys its power. There is no hybrid powertrain here and there are three pedals to engage you.

The manual gearbox is a rare commodity in today’s sports car world and the M2 is perhaps the last M car to get it. That immediately puts it into a higher echelon. The gearshift is weighty and needs effort while it gives you a workout in terms of hurling it into a corner.

You need to strap in though to really understand the appeal of the M2. It is a visceral machine with an analogue outlook towards how it deploys its power.

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Bmw M2 5

The handling is fun without coaxing you into high speeds in order to dig deeper into its limits. You can have fun at lower speeds and you are immersed more into the process rather than just being a part of a blurring scenery.

You simply cannot go fast with a flick of a paddle and that is why the M2 needs to be celebrated. It is raw, aggressive, and hilariously fun while providing rich steering feedback. Hence, you can say that it is pretty much a textbook perfect sports car before we delve deeper into the world of batteries.

Less is always more

It is also a bit of a German muscle car and shows that 1000 bhp power outputs do not matter when it comes to driving pleasure. The new M2 then is of a last blast and probably the last all new petrol BMW M model and hence, needs to be remembered as an analogue device which reminds you that ‘less is always more’.

Overall: A staunchly analogue sports car that represents the last of a dying breed.

Images: BMW

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