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The DeLorean DMC-12 remains one of the most cherished cars that have graced the big screens. These movies cemented its cult status as one of the most recognizable cars in the world.

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However, beyond the hysteria which has surrounded the cars and even replicas going for big money, the original DeLorean wasn’t exactly a brilliant driver’s car, to say the least. The resurrected DeLorean brand aims to change that with a sleek new EV called as Alpha5. It isn’t much a change as much as a major reboot of a movie car that everyone loves.

Delorean Alpha5 Supercar

DeLorean: Leaping into the luxury electric vehicle space

The new Alpha5 however doesn’t cling on to its past and instead embraces what’s new in the automotive world. An electric vehicle makes things easier to future proof a car. And the Alpha5 beneath its rather beautiful design has a conventional electric architecture.

It’s a far cry from the original 6-cylinder engine. But the new EV motor gives it the kind of performance which is befitting a movie-star automobile. The Alpha5 will get a battery pack which is bigger than 100+kWh with a top speed of more than 155 mph. The range of the car is said to be “more than 300+ miles”.

Delorean Alpha5 Supercar 4
Delorean Alpha5 Supercar 7

These figures won’t bother a Tesla Model S Plaid but the Alpha5 must be viewed through the prism of its predecessor. For starters, the design is lovely, without being so obvious a modern day relative of the original. It has its own distinct design DNA while still having some signature old DeLorean styling cues.

The louvres and the huge gullwing doors are the obvious key points which link the new car with its past. It is touted as a gentlemen express with the large doors providing decent access to even the rear seats and there seems to be enough space at the back to support that intention.

Back To The Future [1985] - The DeLorean

The new DeLorean EV: Available in 2024

Unlike the square-shaped original model, the new one is full of flowing lines and characterful detailing. However, ardent movie fans would be disappointed by the lack of the boxy design details which used to be so identifiable. In the defence of the new DeLorean, they had to bow down to new design styles and not make a retro copy. Italdesign to that extent does a good job with the way the delicate roof flows in and how the voluptuous rear has the look of a wide hyper car.

Delorean Alpha5 Supercar 2

The front also gets sleek headlamps and a simple grille with the lack of clutter. The DeLorean branding on the slim EV grille finished in black is indeed inspired by the old car but the sculpted bonnet is completely different.

The look of a wide hypercar

The interior of the Alpha5 does again hark back to the DMC-12 but within the realms of the current tech age. It’s a combination of many screens but the low-set driving position and the position of the centre console is eerily similar. The dashboard wraps around you and provides a sports car like driving position.

You can buy one in 2024 while the world can gawk at this car at the Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance in August. DeLorean will not be an EV only car-maker though as it plans more iterations including V8 powertrains and more sports cars. For now, the resurrected DeLorean Alpha5 has risen from the ashes and this time, promises to be a much more sorted automobile.

Images: DeLorean Motor Company

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