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The annual consumer electronics show known as CES is where we first learn about all the new TV technology and see what’s on the horizon when it comes to our home theatres.

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Though it was held virtually this year, there was still plenty of buzz about new TVs and emerging technology that you’ll start to see for your home in 2021.

Samsung announces new, thinner The Frame

Samsung The Frame Tv Magnum Dl1
Samsung revealed a 2021 The Frame will be even thinner than its current super-thin iteration. And it will continue to use the no-gap wall mount concept that helps the TV blend into a space like a painting.

Since its introduction just a few years ago, Samsung’s The Frame TV has been synonymous with style. The concept of this TV is that it doubles as realistic artwork when it’s not entertaining you with streaming TV. So it can easily hide in plain sight in a living room without that much-loathed black hole effect decried by some designers.

Samsung The Frame Tv Magnum Dl2

Plenty of retailers carry The Frame, and will likely be selling off the older models to make way for the new. So keep your eyes peeled if you’ve been waiting on getting a Frame TV for your space.

Hisense shares details of rollable TV

On the topic of TVs that can hide out of the way and then emerge to reveal top quality video panels, Hisense announced a new rollable TV. While other manufacturers have announced similar versions at CES events before, this is Hisense’s first foray into this kind of technology. So it’s unclear how soon these might hit the consumer market—and what they might cost.

Hisense Rollable Ces Copy

Adopting brand new technology is often pricey, but the premise behind this kind of TV is alluring. The TV screen is made of a thin plastic. It unrolls itself from a narrow box before standing up tall all on its own. When you’re done with it, it slowly rolls away and out of sight. This model will be called the Hisense Self-Rising Screen Laser TV.

Watch for QNED Mini LED TVs from LG

LG used CES 2021 to show off its first ever 4K and 8K QNED Mini LED TVs. These will become its top-tier, premium screen option.

Lg Qned Mini Led Tv Scaled 1
LG’s Mini LED is a new backlighting technology that uses almost 30,000 tiny LED lights behind the TV screen to create more accurate backlighting. These TVs will blend LG’s quantum dot and NanoCell technology in one product. In short, you’re getting a more detailed and realistic TV image that will feel like it’s lifting out of the screen towards you.

New smarter TVs on the horizon from Sony

Not to be outdone, Sony also announced new TV sets with new technology. Calling its new 4K and 8K TVs “the world’s first cognitive intelligence televisions,” Sony is touting the brains of its new TV lineup which will launch under its BRAVIA moniker.
Sony Bravia Xr 3
Image: Sony

The cognitive intelligence TVs use a processor that “cross-analyses multiple picture elements combined with focal points, recreating human perspective.” It’s not easy to define or imagine what that will look like when it’s hanging on your wall. So hopefully details will emerge as these new TVs make their way to market later this year.

Watch for new BRAVIA XR televisions including the MASTER Series Z9J 8K LED, MASTER Series A90J and A80J OLED, and X95J and X90J 4K LED.

Sony Bravia Xr 2
Image: Sony

The good news out of CES is TV technology continues to improve exponentially The even better news is that as these new TVs make their way to stores, the older models usually come way down in price. So 2021 will be a great year to upgrade your home theatre with a new TV, whether you’re holding out for the latest tech, or the best deal.

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