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A few months back, Lincoln rolled out their 2024 Nautilus onto the world stage. The underlying message is to offer the driver an interior sanctuary via a new, multi-sensory, in-cabin experience, including ambient lighting, digital scenting instrument panel toggles and an audio knob that shimmers. The new touchscreen display spans the entire dash. There’s an available hybrid power train. There’s also Lincoln BlueCruise 1.2 hands-free highway driver-assist technology, but don’t get us started on that. The idea of going hands-free in any vehicle is abhorrent to us.

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So times are changing with Lincoln. However we aren’t there yet. Which brings us to the current Lincoln Nautilus, a five-person, mid-sized luxury SUV priced at $80,970 (for the test model we drove, $59,800 base price). Lincoln always leaves us thinking that we’re getting good value for the money. No, you don’t place Lincoln SUVs at the same level as BMW or Mercedes SUVs – although we would put them ahead in the case of the Mercedes-AMG GLB 35 4MATIC. But these vehicles more than pass the grade in the luxury category.

2024 Lincoln Nautilus Reserve Jet Package 01

2024 Lincoln Nautilus

Lincoln Nautilus: Great value for your money

This isn’t our first Nautilus. The last of the gas-powered versions (a 2022 in this case) was nice to look at at first glance – sleek, smooth lines, chrome trim, capped by that signature grille, 21-inch wheels. Flight Blue in colour, AWD, a 2.7L V6 turbo, 335 HP, 380 lb-ft torque, and a smooth, eight-speed transmission were the headlines during our week-long drive. It drives comfortably, almost conservatively, with effortless acceleration.

Back to the interior, this is typically where the real value with the Lincoln vehicles is delivered. They’ve gone in a new direction with the 2024 version, obviously, but the soon-to-be-extinct gas-only models deliver just fine, as well. Like all of them, the Nautilus is handy for long trips. There’s plenty of storage space for luggage for 2-4 people in the back. Lots of storage in tucked away spots up front too, for smaller stuff like handbags, wallets, coffee cups. And there’s plenty of space in the back row, with that great panoramic sunroof to let in the summer sun.

Both the driver and passenger leather seats are more than comfortable for long drives, 22-way power driver seat, with massage and heating functions. The touchscreen is 13.2 inches, and there’s a wireless charging pad to juice up the mobile phone while you are on the road. Overall, when talking performance and comfort, we give it a 4/5, but, again, mostly because of what you get for your dollar. We look forward to the next chapter for the Lincoln Nautilus – starting with trying out the 2024 model.

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